BOTY? What's yours?

Curious after all the notes on what are you drinking, so what’s your Beer of the year?

I’m drinking mine right now, Holy mountain ‘corpse reviver’- bourbon barrel aged sour with Meyer lemon zest and juice.
I was at first apprehensive about this beer but whoa, absolutely delicious. Has the nose of a dessert wine, with Meyer lemon (duh) white flowers, pineapple, guava and just keeps going. The palate is nice and bright but not too acidic with a sweetish frame that draws all that lemon in. Have 3 more bottles and can’t wait to see this in a couple of years.

Heater Allen Schwarz. Roasted barley, chocolate, and smoke. So good.

prob 2006 3f OGV. One of the most concentrated and complex geueze experiences I’ve had. Followed shortly by 09 Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise, a perfect meld of fruit, funk, sour.