Boston Recs for the Family . . .

Going to be downtown for a couple of nights - staying at the Marriot Custom House. Curious about places to eat, things to do . . . will have three kids in tow (ages 6,8,10).

Also, any feedback on the Go Boston Card? And what about Babysitter services so my wife and I can to to Troquet . . . or an offline?!?!?!?


I know some of the higher end hotels in Boston do offer on site babysitting services, not sure if the Marriott does.

I say offline at troquet!

My wife is note much of an ‘offline’ person at this time . . so if we put one together, it will have to be a bit more ‘low key’ than I’ve read some of the Boston OL’s can get [swoon.gif] Perhaps if there are enough ‘significant others’ on board it will work out well . . .

I know you are doing a big OL on July 19th . . . we will be in town the few days after that - so not sure if you’re up for two in a row or not . . .

Keep in touch - and let me know any feedback on the other questions asked . . . .


I agree with the duck tour, fun for all ages.

Time down by the Charles if the weather is nice.

All of the historical sites, Bunker Hill, freedom trail, Paul revere’s house ect.

Hi Larry,

My kids (both soon-to-be aged 5) really enjoy the New England Aquarium and I would say they do pretty well at the Science Museum. Never been to the Children’s Museum but generally hear good things about that. Other ideas:

Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of the Pru or Hancock towers (I think they are re-opened now). The duck pond and the Boston Common in general can be a great place for kids to run around on a nice day.

Lots of history to see if they like that–Old North Church, Feneuil Hall, Paul Revere House, the USS Consitution tour, etc.

As for babysitting, I only know Metro West area solutions, sorry!

For food, I think there are plenty of kids-friendly places. If you are up for a trip, maybe head up north to one of the clam shacks like Farnham’s, Woodman’s or the Clam Box–they have family picnic tables and at least at Woodman’s, a lot of activity.

And definitely get to Troquet! I think low-key events happen there just as often if not much more often than the bigger blow-outs.


Jasper White’s Summer Shack over by Hynes CC and the Sheraton Boston would be a good, accessible substitute for the clam shack experience. It’s also a short walk from the Prudential Center where you’re going to get on the Duck Boat. A walk down Boylston St. or Newbury St. to the Public Gardens and a Swan boat ride is likely mandatory for the kids. Also check out my great-aunt’s “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture. :wink:" onclick=";return false;

If you walk through the Gardens and up the hill across the Common, you will end up in front of the golden-domed State House and the memorial to the 54th Massachusetts Regiment (Civil War).

If the kids can handle the walk, you can actually do all of this in reverse order by walking out of the hotel, straight up State St. to the beginning of Beacon St/Beacon Hill past the State House and the 54th Memorial and so on…

The USS Constitution is open but undergoing a renovation so it might be most interesting of all the history options.

As Michael mentioned, you are practically next door to the Aquarium so that is a logical option along with Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The City of Boston has a shop in the basement of the original hall bldg. for Boston merchandise. The North End (Italian section) is also within walking distance and likely lots of fun.

If you want a quick wine Time-Out, go say hi to my old mentor Len Rothenberg at Federal Wine & Spirits, 29 State St. across from the Old State House, where the Freedom Trail starts.

Have fun!

The Duck boat is great.

Take them to the Public Garden and go on the Swan boats and visit the Make Way for Ducklings “monument”.

Do one of the historical walking tours that start at Faneuil Hall. The tour guides are in costume and character.

We ate at the Union Oyster house, which is trippy due to the history of the place. We were seated in JFK’s favorite table (according to the plaque on the wall).

I took my kids to Fenway for a Red Sox game. It’s a totally unique experience, very different from a game in L.A.

I am VERY familiar with the BostonGoCards - and must say they are a great product. EVERYTHING that has been mentioned as far as places to go, see, do in the Boston area are INCLUDED when you buy one of the BostonGoCards. It basically works like an amusement card pass: i.e. pay once for the card then pick and choose which attractions/rides you want to go on. There are childrens’ discount rates too.

I must say, I would highly recommend in your situation going that route - once you do like 2 ‘attractions’ you already save money - if you are ambitious and can do like 4 things (i.e. Mus. of science, fenway park tour, tomb (right next to fenway park - really cool!), aquarium YOU ACTUALLY SAVE A TON OF MONEY!

Just my 2 er, 12 cents! [basic-smile.gif]

Ahem…where’s the affiliation disclaimer for the go card! [whistle.gif] [tease.gif]

Went ahead and got the Go cards . . . the only thing I didn’t check is whether or not you can use them more than once at the same attraction (we are staying next to the aquarium and my kids LOVE aquariums . . .)


Larry -

Whether it was needed or not - Peter thought it to be so: I’m dating someone from that company - but the recommendation (as you’ll find out) is honestly objective and unbias. I’ve bought the cards myself and as long as you do at least 2 things you’ll start saving money.

AND YES! if you got a 3 day pass you can go to the NE Aquarium each of the 3 days on the same card (you just can’t go in the morning, leave then go back later that day).

If there is any question (PMC!) - I have no stake in the company and my knowledge is from personal use.

  • JOHN

For what it’s worth, I personally contacted John to have him answer Larry’s questions - no back handedness going on here.

I was jk Johnny B - not a big deal everyone, John just sold his stake in the company recently [stirthepothal.gif]

I keeed, I keeeed.

Btw - nice boat.

Anyone been to No. 9 Park for dinner?!?!?? Thinking of going there instead of Troquet . . . comments?!?!?!?

Top-notch place.

Larry, if you’re in Boston now and need a hand with anything, let me know…if you’re back home, let us know how the trip went!


Aren’t the Red Sox based in Boston? Why would anyone want to visit a city of such vagrants?

I was at a Sox game at Fenway. They were losing like 5-2 to the Braves in an inter-league game, when the fans started chanting “Yankees Suck!” over and over. At a Braves game?

The fans there suck, but the park is great! [wink.gif]