Boston offline April 11

Hi all,

I’ll be in Boston and free for dinner April 11. Looking to set something up. Kevin F o l e y is in, as is Dave A from RI (WCWN old-timers will remember him from that wine board back in the day). That makes 3 of us. Can we get up to maybe 6? I’m staying downtown but willing to travel where reasonable by train or Lyft (or bum a ride one way if anyone works downtown and can swing by and get me).

I know BYO is a challenge but we’ll find something and have a grand time - who’s in? We can start a wait list if we get over-subscribed. Reply below and we’ll add folks to the list in order of replies. [cheers.gif]

  1. Dave D
  2. Dave A
  3. Kevin F




I appreciate the sleuthing, Kevin - sorry for the difficulty of the assignment!

[scratch.gif] I think your comment says more about your drinking preferences than wine-friendliness of Indian food.


That’s why God created Riesling and Gewürztraminer. If I were in Boston, I’d be happy to bring some bottles, but I’m not. Good luck with the dinner.


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