Boston May 12-15th

Anyone interested in getting together for an OL May 12th - 15th? Juan and I will both be in Boston for the AUA meeting. [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif] flirtysmile

Nola - the 12th and 13th would work for us and Lisa and I would love to catch up with you and Juan. Let 's see how many takers we get and I know just the place for an off line!

I would definitely be up for something too. Have you been to Boston before Nola?

Jud, don’t forget Sunday May 14th is Mother’s Day.

I am having Juan to keep both dates open. Looking forward to catching up too Jud!

It has been a long time since I’ve been to Boston… It will be great to meet!!!

Bumping to see if there is any other interest from locals.

I’ll send something out to my email list too.

From the email list:

Trung N

May be interested:
Bill V

Jud, Sue and I might be available. Are you thinking of our favorite haunt that starts with a T or is it someplace new?

Favorite haunt that starts with T and I am leaning toward Saturday night. It would be great to see you and Sue. Nola - do you have any theme in mind for what you might like to drink?

Well, I’m open. We are going to send some wines ahead to the hotel. I was planning on bringing some new harvest and maybe something we’ve cellared for a while too!

Would like to attend, but I’m afraid I can’t make it that week. Hope you all have a great time!

Nola - pm sent. Right now it looks like we have 6 definites:
Nola & Juan
Lisa and Jud

3 maybes:
Gerry & Sue

Can we get the maybes to get off the fence by the end of next week?

Add two more to our group Jose Ignacio and Celia (Juan’s urology partner in Almería).

What day did we settle on?

Sounds like 7PM Saturday May 13th according to Jud.

Trung is confirmed. Bill can’t make it.

So we are at 8 at the moment. Theme is bring a wine you want to drink on a lovely Saturday night in Boston.

We are really looking forward to getting together!! Thanks Jud for helping put his together!!

Jud, Ron Blackman would like to attend too.


I’m in but flying solo. Sue can’t make it.


Trung is out unfortunately.