Boston-area -- Gordon's Pichon Baron tasting, Tuesday Oct 16th

Is anyone else going to the Château Pichon Longueville Baron tasting of 7 vintages with winemaker Christian Seely at 7PM Tuesday October 16th at Gordon’s in Waltham MA?

If so, would you like to get together before or afterwards for dinner (maybe Moody’s The Backroom or Il Capriccio next to Gordons, or heck, a slice of pizza across the street lol)?

By the way, apparently there are still unsold tickets available ($50, refundable with purchase).

A few of us are going to meet at Il Capriccio’s next door after the tasting…

Kevin, I will be there, but whether or not I can go to Il Capriccio’s depends on how long everything lasts. Hopefully, we can talk at the tasting. In case I can’t make you out from your picture, if you Google my name you can see my picture.

Good to have a rare name!

That was fun! 6 of us went over to Il Capriccio afterwards for their big ugly “meatball” of mushrooms!