Bordeaux prices might fall, but NOT first growth! (oh, wait...)

This just in!

K&L’s ‘inventory clearance’ email - among the offerings:

2003 Mouton-Rothschild (was $350) - $249.99
2003 Latour (was $1,499) - $999.00
2006 Margaux Magnum (was $999) - $799.99
2006 Cheval Blanc Magnum (was $1,599) - $999.99

Ah the old days. I picked up 3 03 Latours at a local expensive wine store a couple of years ago just sitting on the rack for $449.00 each.
Immediately sent them for re-sale for the above price. I should have waited Bordeaux prices will never fall.
Signed the least important wine blogger in America. [tease.gif]

I have a case of 2003 Latour bought from K&L on release. 2003 was the last really affordable (and it’s all relative) vintage of FG Bordeaux. I shudder to even think what the value of this silly Latour might be by the time it is ready to drink. Basically FG Bordeaux has turned into a playtoy for people with means far beyond mine. Quite sad.

I just got 2006 Lafleur for about 40% less than what it cost on futures first tranche.

Don’t tell Jeff.


He is a regular here. He is bound to see it. Along with the whole WA gang.

Don’t worry, he won’t post on this thread Landreth hasn’t posted yet. pileon pepsi


Still has a long way to fall to get anywhere near the range they were in as recently as 3 years ago.
I’m not a buyer.

no, duh!

It’s funny, even at the discounted prices I wouldn’t even consider buying any.


Jeff…come out to play-ay.

Say that aboyt Leve and his propigators!

2003 Mouton is a dog, and continues to sell for less than or right near futures pricing.


K&L opened in HK a while back, Serge.

Gotta put this into perspective:

I have the 1970 Sherry Lehrman catalog:

62 Haut Brion $5
64 Lafite $10

I remember buying a 59 Mouton for $25 and a DRC Echezeaux (year?) for $12 back then.

Between Parker’s inflated points and Greenspan’s inflated dollars, it’s no longer safe to buy Bordeaux on a retired budget. headbang [truce.gif]

Now Leve points!


I have one btl of 2003 Mouton as well. I could not resist. I will open it in about 10 years and I hope that I was wrong about it.

Bordeaux: even when it’s on clearance, it’s still too expensive.

Still WAY to expensive for what they are (IMO)