Bordeaux Decant Advice...Several Bottles

Over the next two weeks I plan on having quite a few BDX bottles for my birthday as well as at the Berserkerfest activities in Napa. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

No particular order:

1990 Montrose (I hope)
2000 Pontet Canet
1998 Pavie (I hope)
2000 Pavie (I really, really hope)
2000 Fombrauge
1995 Clerc Milon
1995 Duhart Milon
2001 Pichon Baron (Maybe)
2002 Pontet Canet (Maybe)

Brett Bomber?


That’s a nice lineup you got there. Perhaps even more important than decanting will be order if you plan on consuming in groups. 00 Pavie sounds like a beast. Enjoy the festivities!

I didn’t post, because I have a good idea already, but I will open a 2003 and 2004 Pavie with hopefully a '98 or '00 when in Napa with Bulkin.

that’s so nice of you. flirtysmile


If you can make it to dinner with us, you are more than welcome.

If you have a clean one, a good decant really helps because it’s a monster. If it’s a bretty bottle, a decant only makes it worse. I’m opening one on the 18th. I’ve had both types so hoping this is a good one.

Sorry to break your heart Tex. [cry.gif] Traveling with a 2000 in a 2 hour flight, driving 2 hours with it bouncing around and uncertain amount of decant time is a sure fire FAIL for such a young tannic beast. That wine needs another decade minimum. Not to mention it and all my other wine warmed up considerably today due to a compressor failure. I will bring the 98 or 99 although the 99 reviews of late have been superior. My last 98 was no great shakes.

if you want to ship anything up here ahead of time so it has a chance to rest, I will e-mail you UPS tags. No reason to try to consume them after the MD shake of traveling !

I’ve tasted 2000 Pavie twice (about a year and two years ago) and it was nowhere near as tannic as the 2004 tasted three months ago or over the top as the 2003. No idea on decanting time, but it was a lovely bottle and not a waste to open.

Carrie it is 115 here now. Shipping is a bigger threat than flying and travel distress.

It was the '99. Completely soft and forgettable to me. It made the 2000 Pape Clement right next to it seem like a wine from another planet.

Cris have you tried the 2000 Pavie. I have twice. Both times large and unevolved.