Boojee wine

Boojee wine?

Does anyone know anything about this vendor?

Just got an unsolicited email from them.

Not much info on website except their copyright of 2018.

No idea. But I hate them already based on that name. Whatever it is they are doing.


From the Online Slang Dictionary - "boojee - too rich, white, and/or upper class. From “bourgeoisie”.

Right on Matt! We like to say we are getting boozy, while being boojee, drinking Champagne from Bouzy!

Horrible name, especially if it’s pronounced that way.

I thought it would be boo-gee. If it’s boo-szhee, with a Polish twist, it’s even worse.

Seems like another wannabe site like Invino or Bounty Hunter or Last Bottle or First Bottle that hunts around CA for wine to put on a flash site.

I hate their fonts too.

12 selections??

Some of it looks like bulk wine sales.

I like FirstBottleWines (and LastBottle), but this site doesn’t appeal to me in its current form.

It’s pronounced “bo-oJ-e-E”.

It’s French for ‘whatevs.’

Looked at their site. Some of the wines are not white or too rich. Send them back!

I assume that their wines are curated by hand-picked hip somms

So it’s not bourgeois(y). My 21 year old is always saying that. Phonetically bougie.

Keep in mind that they’re wines that, before our advocates at Boojee wines saved the day, were “were once impossible to find outside of the winery’s own cellars!”

Maybe they should have a sister site call “Prol-Wine” for the prolitaritaes buying QPR wines [snort.gif]

Perhaps their theme song for the Boojee site? Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video] - YouTube