BOND Release

Just got an email from them offering the 2016 Terroir Portfolio, as well as the 2015 Matriarch. Any takers?

Any reviews on them that can be shared?


In for my allocation. Gonna keep these for a while given the great vintage.

They are very solid wines. I typically buy the Matriarch, which is ~160 a bottle…“decent” QPR.

Would someone be kind enough to post prices, please.

Is the Matriach worth getting?

I think so. A 3 pack is running 495 (excluding tax and shipping).

2016 BOND Portfolio (Every Terroir Portfolio includes one bottle each of Melbury, Quella, St. Eden, Vecina, & Pluribus) - $2,375
2015 BOND Matriarch 3-pk - $495
2015 BOND Matriarch 6-pk - $990

Took the first two.

Heavily debating whether or not to grab the Matriarch. Hm.

I just got the physical mailer. The ginormous map is a nice touch; it’s rare to see such detailed contour lines.