Blood into Wine.

Blood into wine. Anyone see this movie yet?

Nope, haven’t seen it yet. But, there are indeed some wines from AZ that make you go hmmmm and even whoa!

I just hit a few of these places last Fall." onclick=";return false;

Eric, I followed your page to Caduceus’ “very modern” website. What did you think of the Caduceus wines and Page Springs wines? Stylistic impressions? Are these big wines? Oak levels? Ripeness? Acidity? Other impressions - generally?

We had a Page Springs Malvasia Bianca in our tasting group the other night, and it was the hit of the tasting.

Both the Page Springs wines and the Caduceus wines were all nicely balanced. Moderate ripeness on the reds, nice acidity as well, though the alcohol was running 15.4 on the Mourvedre/Syrah/Petite. That said, it didn’t stick out either. I didn’t detect any overage on oak. They’re not too shy on their pricing, which did surprise me a bit, considering.

Is our Linda Baehr in this? [popcorn.gif] She used to work for Maynard.


I did work for Maynard in '06.
I thought all of the wines produced at Page Springs were solid (and LOVE the Malvasia), but for my tastes I thought a lot of the reds were a bit oaky. Eric harvested a very small amount of estate reds for the first time that year, so I don’t have a lot of experience with their estate fruit. They were in the process of buying the Dos Cabezas vineyards in the south at the end of that year. Most of the fruit up to that point was from Paso, with some of Maynard’s Cab from Napa.

I thought the wine/blood thing happened every Sunday rolleyes

there is a Charity event in Santa Rosa, Ca over Fathers day weekend and on Friday night the 18th, they are going to have a showing of the movie outside along with a meet and greet with Maynard and Eric and they will be pouring Caduceus.

I visited Page springs about a year and a half ago (post linda) and they showed us the wine, but wouldnt let us taste it.

I just purchased tickets for the event and will call it a date night.

Blood into Wine Charity Event