Hi Serge,

Does the blend ratio vary from year to year or is it always about the same? If I recall correctly it is Cab Sauv, Carignan and Cinsault.

Dear Paul,
It’s the same ratio but depending on the year some grape varieties are dominant which makes the wine more Cabernet Sauvignon or more Carignan or more Cinsault.

Any chance for providing us with a vintage chart and your impressions about which grape is dominant each year? Thank you sir!

Dear Glenn,
My best advise go on our website.

Website is very well done indeed…

First - thank you for producing such wonderful distinctive wines!

Second - one thing that I and hopefully others would find very useful on the website would be guidance on how various vintages are drinking currently. For example while the 1991s seem to have been drinking wonderfully since release the 1995s went through (and maybe are still in?) a disjointed phase after a lovely youth.

It would be useful to know if 1995s are back on form, if the 1999s (which I loved on release) have shut down, etc. without having to sacrifice one my few bottles to check.

Thank you!

I have had very good experiences with the '95, but, I, too, would welcome Mr. Hochar’s viewpoint.

Hi Glenn,
Thank you for the compliment as I have not seen the update version of our website.

Hi Jay,
First, thank you for your kind words.
Second, I like your comment. The more you know a vintage you discover as it ages a great evolution with sometimes a shut down. This happens with our wine between 7 and 15 years of age because my wine is human which change from childhood to adult age. Adult age in Chateau Musar varies from 15 years up to 18 years. I am happy to know that 1995 is getting back in good shape with 1999 needs 2 more years to get back. I cannot explain why, as this is the mystery of life.

Hi Jim,
1995 was a very special vintage at Chateau Musar as we had to delay the release of the wine by 1 year because its VA level so we had to release the 1996 vintage before. It ended up to be 1 of the great Musar.

I love this explanation. No deep science, but a philosophy of what Musar is. “…this is the mystery of life.” Enjoy the ride!

Thank you so much! I’ll try to pull a 1995 from my storage sometime this year.


I just spent 20 minutes on that site, learning about the wine and the history. I wish all wineries provided this type of helpful information.

Now need to seek it out . . . .

Thank you. Hope you didn’t waste your time.

Hi Serge,

Thanks so much for taking the time to participate here.

I have a bottle of 1994 Château Musar Red, so it will soon be twenty. Do you think it has reached adulthood?

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The Cellartracker notes on this are pretty positive, though a number of folks found the wine flawed. I haven’t tried this vintage, Peter, but maybe you should give it a try and report back! [wow.gif]

FWIW, my two most recent experiences of the '95 (one in London, one in Helsinki) would suggest that you should not open now. When it was young I loved it. But in recent years the '95 has been really difficult IMO: it smells lactic and like sour milk. Since Musar seems to age forever (here’s a question for the Hochars: have you ever tasted a too old Musar?) my suggestion is too keep it in storage still. Age seems to correct any and all faults one might find in younger Musars.

Hi Peter,
1994 is drinking beautifully today. It has reached adulthood 3 years ago. So you can drink it from now on for the next 50 years.
Best regards,

Thank you, Serge! I will try it soon.