Bischofliches Konvikt?

Anyone know anything about this german wine producer?

Nothing up to date. They were an excellent producer in the '71 - '89 period, & I enjoyed many of their wines, but haven’t tasted any of their wines since the '89’s.

Loved the '76 Kaseler Kehrnagel Aulese, & one of the finest wines of any type I’ve ever tasted was a '71 Eitelsbacher Marienholz TBA from the Konvikt.

I am seeing some of their wines around again, and am curious also.

The Bischöfliches Priesterseminar & Hohe Domkirche were under the same auspices at the time, also.


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Looks like David visited the Domaine, tasted the wines, and did not take notes?

Anyone else find that one odd?

Very odd, Dan. Tell us more.

Just odd, Ken. The guy is already strapped for time, and is late delivering notes to his readers. He makes appts at Domaines and does not take notes.


What do you make of that?

I think if you read it without looking for problems everywhere there, you would read it correctly. It says “I did not find time to write up notes on these for The Wine Advocate.” It does NOT say he didn’t take notes. It implies he took them but because he “is already strapped for time” he did not write them up for the WA. So it’s completely consistent with what you already know.

Time to take off the foil hat, Dan.

Good idea, Ken, spend some time at a winery, taste the wines, take notes, but do not publish them, “although some of them merited it.” It is not like this is the critic writing up wines of that region?

He’s admitted to this repeatedly. He’s not well-organized and he gets behind. It’s not a good thing, but it’s sure not a new thing.

What makes you spend so much time on a site where you cannot post?


The response was sent over to me to show how disorganized he is, as you say. I did not seek it out, contrary to your insinuation.

Ah. I believe the technical term for this person is an enabler. neener