Birth Year Wine - 1984

Looking for a good birth year wine…1984.

I have read 1984 was a tough year for the wine industry. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thanks in advance.


Also curious, and not interested in Port or any other sweet wine.

There were some pretty good California wines in 1984. Dunn (I think it was the Howell Mountain) tasted recently was excellent, and considering it is a Dunn, almost ready.

I’m with Mark on this. Napa did reasonably well in 1984. Not a lot of wine regions can say the same.

I recently had an '84 Ridge Jimsomare that was almost ready and hear good things about the Monte Bello. Vega-Sicilia Valbuena 5 was also pretty good the last time I had it.

I agree slim pickings in Old World, but I think you would be well served with Classic Cali: Dunn, Heitz MV, Mayacamas, BV Georges de Latour, Beringer PR, Ridge Monte Bello, Montelena, Charles Krug, etc. Also, if you can find it: Musar. Sorry have not checked availability on any of these. Good luck!

I had Dunn Howell Mountain about 4 months ago and it was superb.


Drinking perfectly.

Bill, we have had the 1984 Ridge Monte Bello a few times over the last several years and all have been outstanding. I would highly recommend if you can find a good bottle.


I cannot really think about anything worthy except US … the best ´84 I´ve tasted was Heitz Martha´s vineyard …

Also very good was a Chateauneuf-du-Pape Versino (= Bois de Boursan) received at the domaine, but I doubt you might find it anywhere …

I consider 1984 to be California’s finest in the decade. Even the little wines were a revelation. Had my last bottle of '84 Lauren Glen about two years ago and it was still fresh and vibrant -

Mount Eden
Ridge Monte Bello
Dunn Howell Mountain

These were all pretty tasty 5-6 years ago
Haven’t had one since

California is the place to look. I’ll add Diamond Creek to the good suggestions that have already been made.


Silver Oak’s Bonny’s Vineyard ages with amazingly good grace.

Someone already mentioned Heitz’ Martha’s

Dunn, plus one.

Groth Reserve

La Jota




I’m also an '84 birthyear.
To echo some of these posts, Napa has some great wines from the vintage. Some Diamond Creek wines, Dominus, Ridge MB, Mondavi Reserve have all been good to me.

Lauer recently cellar-released some '84 Sekt Reserve, which was insanely good. Buy if you can still find!

And of course, follow the age old adage, “producer over vintage”. Chave Hermitage might be the best I’ve had, despite being a universally panned year in the N Rhone.

Overall, not a great year across the globe… if only our parents had waited until '85…

I picked up a case of 1984 Rutherford Hill Cabernet on auction and they have all been excellent.

Agree with this list and would probably add Chateau Montelena Estate Red.

The Monticello Corley Reserve can be very nice as well!

Agree with the Napa (and Santa Cruz Mountains) chorus. Can’t remember which I’ve tried, other than Dominus for sure, but I’d definitely go with the advice above.

Very helpful thread. I stared at an 84 Montelena on the shelf of my local store for $135 and didn’t pull the trigger… very much regretting that decision.

John - birth class of ‘84