Bird netting recycling?

Does the black plastic netting recycle? Have you found a place that will take it?

You don’t re-use it?

I do, but after about 5 or 6 years, it’s time to replace.

Stewart, if you find a program for recycling netting, please post it here - I imagine a number of us could / should know about it. I don’t know of any recycling stations up here that will take it. And as you say, after a number of years the rips and tears make much of the netting unusable. Some I’m able to use elsewhere but the bulk of it really needs to be recycled.

Bird netting is most often made of HDPE or other similar types of polymers and places that recycle plastics should accept it.

Here’s a link concerning recycling of most vineyard stuff, including bird netting, at an event in Sonoma on Nov. 28
Marin Resource Recovery says they will take bird netting, but I haven’t actually hauled any there yet.