Has anyone made a visit to Biondi-Santi recently? Is it worth it besides to just taste the wine? Seems rather routine if you are familiar with the wines…can you get into the vineyards?


I last visited about 18 months ago, and thought it was excellent. They claim to have vines as much as 200 years old, and casks they’re still using that are 100 years old or more, so there definitely is a palpable sense of history on the tour there that you don’t get other places. And it’s definitely still a working winery – seemed quite authentic and much less polished than I expected. Finally, at the end of the tour, we got to taste one or two wines 20+ years old, and they have library wines you can purchase (albeit at healthy prices) from vintages back to the 1940s.

I haven’t been there since the investment/acquisition, but I wouldn’t expect much to have changed. If you’re interested you definitely ought to contact them for an appointment…

Thanks Kevin, I have an appointment, I just wanted to see if it was anything besides a tasting as they were not super clear about what to expect besides the wines to be tasted. Did you get to see any vines/vineyards?

Tom – We had a lovely tour of the cellars with a look into the vineyard while hearing the historical narrative of the family and estate, followed by a nice tasting. I would think that was representative of what they typically do, but I suppose I don’t know that for certain. I guess that depends on time of year, staff, group size, etc…

Thank you Kevin for following up.

Thank you Kevin for following up.