Biggio Hamina Not So New Whites, Pinks, and an Orange

For this next installment of wines for sale we have whites and pinks. If you think about red wine making we spent lots of time coaxing all the goodness from the skins. The opposite is true, seemingly, with white wine making. But what if you had questions about this process? What if you started playing around with extended skin contact in the press and then extended aging on the original lees. Well, you’d have two things: wines like what I am offering, and a departure point for making “orange” wines. And that is exactly what happened.

All of these wines are spontaneously fermented and unfiltered. They are technically dry and have completed malolactic fermentation. They are true 0.0 wines.

To ensure that I wasn’t just offering old wines that appeal to my sense of romance, each of these wines were vetted by a couple friends who received them without any extra information besides, “tell me what you like, and what’s dead”. There are no dead wines on offer.

Melon de Bourgogne from Deux Vert vineyard:

2007 (3 cases), 2008 (3 cases) and 2009 (6 cases).

Pinot grigio from Cougar’s Mark vineyard:

2008 (2 cases), 2010 (3 cases), 2012 (2 cases).

Pink wines:

2009 Zenith vineyard pink of Pinot noir (2 cases).

2010 Nate’s Rosé (1 case).


2010 Amity vineyard (8 cases)

2012 Sunnyside vineyard (32 cases)

Orange Gew:

2017 Andreas vineyard “Orange” Gewürztraminer (2 cases)

You can mix and match these wines as you see fit.

The offer:

1 Case of 12 bottles is $240, and a Sixer is $144. Both include free shipping.

You can PM me or send an email to todd(at)

Thank you!

Todd, would it be possible to get a mixer of some of your reds with some Riesling?

Sure, pm me your number and I will call you.

Also, with the exception of the the 2012 Sunnyside Riesling and the 2017 Andreas Gewürztraminer which are under cork, the rest of the wines are screwcapped.

I tried to send you an email and it got kicked back. Can you put me together a sampler 6 pack of your wines? I don’t know enough to know what I like, so it’s hard for me to pick things out.

I just pm’d you. Thanks!