Biggio Hamina dry farmed mainly Pinot six pack

Yep. $150 will get you a six pack of delicious wines made without the added benefit of water on demand. Why? Because these wines are stunning. Take a chance on me…

-includes shipping

–probably 4 PN’s and other stuff, we’ll talk.

Please leave me your phone number when you PM and I will call you on Wednesday. Thanks!


I’ll bite! Even though I joined WB back in 2009 this is the first time I’ve participated in BD madness. Do I send a PM or e-mail to you to buy?

And are you able to ship to Texas? Not enough information about which of your wines are included.

I’m interested, but would probably not order without knowing what the wines are. I don’t say that as a complaint, but just for Todd to consider if he wants to share more information. Thanks.

I’m IN, PM and e-mail sent to Todd. Looking forward to trying these wines.

What I do usually is to call you up, talk about your preferences because if you love 07, you won’t want 09 and vice versa. Oregon is hugely vintage dependent and I want you to be happy. Hence the mystery option, so if you have more questions please ask.

And there’s pinks too. The whites I make are Pinot grigio, Pinot blanc, Riesling, and Melon de Bourgogne. So think about what you may want, as well as newer or older.

Also, the whites (like the reds) are uninoculated, unfined, and unfiltered.

I’m in. Todd’s stuff rocks for all those who don’t know. I bought a case of the “maligned” [snort.gif]07s last year. They are awesome.

PM sent.

07’s through 13’s are available as I like to keep a little bit of everything around. You’ll more than likely get a c note better than what you paid. It is Berserker Day after all.

I love the ‘winemaker’s choice’ option!!! Sick deal, AND a cool name!

Why thank you Todd! It’s proving popular and I’ll happy to talk with a bunch of people already tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m in on this. The mystery component is exciting.

Looking forward to speaking with you, Todd. You should have my pm.

PM sent! Looking forward to the wines.

Me Me Me!!! Sending PM

Thanks everyone!

This may be one of my casualties of not having enough money/space to go around :frowning: Had a few bottles with Scott W and liked them all. We’ll see what happens.

If need be… I can give the option of leaving the offer on the table a bit longer. Then I’ll remove it. Tempting? I hope so.

Me! PM sent

Also, I’ve been responding to each of you as you contact me… but I’m now heading to the dentist. So if there’s a delay please attribute it to my new crown. Thanks.

Yes, your offer is definitely more tempting. Especially if I can get it a couple credit card cycles down the line :slight_smile: