Biggio Hamina Cellars WVPN - SOLD OUT, THANKS!

You can think of this as the opposite of the “Freshy”. We are talking about Willamette Valleyish AVA wines from 2007 to 2016. I can put 5 cases total of these together (or 10 sixers…). If you have a preference of a vintage state it and I will include a couple of that year for certain. The price is $265 a case and/or $140 a sixer and includes free shipping.

You can PM me here or send an email to


This is paused. I need to pack up and take another inventory before we go any further. Thank you!!

In for a sixer, thanks Todd!

Oy, wish I could do this but we just had to take a pay cut all around. Better than the other parts of my wife’s company who got laid off instead, but have to double down on WBM enforcement. Sigh.

No worries Adam, during these slower times I have just gone through inventory and have a bunch of orphans, so am looking for new homes for them. I hope this reopening can get sorted out well, fingers crossed. Best of luck to you.

“Oldies” is what I should have called this offer. Thanks Bucky.

Fixed it. I can make 2 more mixed cases.

Or a mainly 2007 & 2011 case/6er. I can make three of those. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hi Todd,
I am new to Wine Berserkers. Can i ask what style these are? I would assume that they are lower alcohol and decent acidity (typical of Willamette PN). Is that correct?



Hi Nate,
The goal with all my wines has always been to let the vineyard to its thing. So very little or no new oak, spontaneous fermentations, long slow malolactic and unfiltered. If I didn’t think that “natural” was such a poor descriptor I would use that term, but I don’t. Alcohols range from high 12’s to high 13’s (but I always put 13% on the label- and most are 13-13.5). And because I use a decent amount of whole cluster the acid levels are perceived to be higher than what the actual numbers read. So, to answer your question: I make Oregon Pinot noir designed to compete head to head with Burgundies, but because their underlying rock is limestone and ours is basalt there will always be a difference. Hope this helps.

Todd, do you have any ‘10’s or ‘12’s?

Todd, still have any shitty '07s?

Todd! I sent an email. Thanks for the info. Sounds fantastic!

  • Nate

I’ll take a 6 pack!

Just got back!

Yes, yes and yes.

Thank you

Paused, thanks.

In for a six pack. 2007, 2011, 2013 - love those “crappy” Oregon vintages!

I’m in for a 6er. Pm me.

Jesse I will contact you Monday after I pack existing orders and check inventory, thanks.

Thanks so much! Will review when I get them!

Thank you Nate.

Everyone else, all that is left are a few cases of 2007 and 2011. Same pricing as the original Willamette Valley AVA offering. Please note these aren’t single vineyard wines, but they are from those vineyards.

To recap:

2007 is from Ana, Deux Vert and Momtazi vineyards

2008 is from Ana, Deux Vert, Hawks View and Zenith vineyards

2009 is from Deux Vert and Zenith vineyards

No 2010 was left.

2011 WV was from Deux Vert and Zenith vineyards

2011 Yamhill-Carlton is all Deux Vert vineyard

2011 Eola-Amity Hills is all Zenith

No 2012 was made

2013 WV is from Deux Vert and Zenith

2013 Yamhill-Carlton is all Deux Vert

2013 Eola-Amity Hills is all Zenith vineyard

No 2014 was left

2015 is Holmes Gap, Claygate and Noel vineyards

2016 is Holmes Gap, Claygate, and Noel vineyards

Note: in 2011 and 2013 I declassified the entire vintages

Hope this helps.

This offer is closed. Thank you all very much!!