Biggio Hamina Cellars Berserker Day #10. (OFFERS #2 & #3 are SOLD OUT) Offer is closed.

This year Biggio Hamina Cellars is offering four different selections.

Offer #1

The Pinot Four Pack:

2010 Deux Vert vineyard Pinot noir

  • This beauty is drinking very well right now, which is nice as it took years to open up. It is forty percent whole cluster and saw maybe fifteen percent new French oak. All marine sedimentary soil in the Yamhill-Carlton District AVA.
    2014 Youngberg Hill vineyard Pinot noir
  • This wine is made with fifty percent whole clusters and sees all neutral barrels. The vineyard itself is in the McMinnville AVA and the soils are a mixture of marine sediment and volcanic. It is nicely structured and delicious.
    2015 Noel vineyard Pinot noir
  • Very lovely field blend of six different clones planted up on the Chehalem Mountains AVA. We completely destemmed this vintage and aged it completely in neutral oak. If you like a sense of refinement in your pinot, look no further.
    2016 Claygate vineyard Pinot noir
  • Wowzy, wow, wowzers! Ribbon Ridge AVA and it is sexy. The 16’s are good to go and this wine proves it. Will it last forever? Who cares. This is a perfect wine to drink while you wait for the seventeens to unfold.

Bday price is… $126. (40 x 3 + 50 - 20% + free shipping)

Offer # 2. SOLD OUT

The 2007 Deux Vert vineyard Pinot noir 6 pack

The Deux Vert vineyard is located in the Yamhill-Carlton District, in-between Shea and Gran Moraine (formerly Solena). There is a big discussion all the time about longevity and wine. There is also a big discussion about closures and which is best. There is a big discussion about whole cluster.

Do you need something to talk about?

Is the answer yes? Get the six pack and you can have this discussion with your friends half a dozen times. Why? Because with the 2007 Deux Vert vineyard Pinot noir was made twelve years ago with 70% whole cluster and is finished in screw cap.

2007 was our first vintage and we came out swinging with this vin de garde.

There are only 12 six packs on offer, and they are first come, first served.

All yours for the price of… $200 (cuz $200). THIS IS SOLD OUT>

Offer # 3. This has sold out!!!

The Case deal of the Century (or at least now with my offers…)

2015 Holmes Gap vineyard Pinot noir

All Pommard, all the time. This is an all marine sedimentary giant slayer. Here’s the review from Vinous:

Vivid red. A highly fragrant, incisive nose evokes fresh red berries, Asian spices and potpourri, and dusty mineral, earth and blood orange flourishes build in the glass. Juicy, focused and lithe, offering bitter cherry, red currant and musky herb flavors that deepen and become sweeter on the back half. Shows excellent clarity and seamless texture; smooth tannins come in late to add shape to the impressively long, spice-tinged finish. I’d love to put this into a blind flight of high-end Morey-Saint-Denis bottlings.
– Josh Raynolds

There are 5 cases only now, so snooze you lose.

Twelve bottles in a case and free shipping. Retail is $40 per bottle, but the deal is… $300 (you do the math). THIS IS SOLD OUT!!!

Offer # 4

2017 Ella Rosé

This wine is a tribute to our niece Ella Rose Biggio who passed away at seven years of age. She had autism. After shipping is covered the money will go to the Nashoba Learning Group in Bedford, Massachusetts. You can pay as much or as little as you like for this wine, but retail is $25. Please order 4, 6 or 12.

The wine itself is all Pinot noir from the Claygate vineyard in the Ribbon Ridge AVA. It is all clone 115 and we fermented it spontaneously. It is full Malo and had a light filtration for clarity, but it is not sterile filtered. I expect it will throw sediment and precipitate tartrates just like everything else we make.

If you buy this wine, consider yourself hugged.

Please respond in this thread so I can send you a pm (hey you lurker… send me an email, I won’t tell).

I am making coffee, then will put pricing on!

Todd I would expect nothing less.

The suspense is killing me :slight_smile:

In for a Case Deal of the Century, don’t need to see the price to know I must have.


I need that 07!!! Send me some info Todd!

I’m in. Just not sure for what yet!

Have a second cup if you feel like it . . . enjoy your morning . . . we aren’t going away . . .

You know how when there’s no coffee and then you go to the store in shorts and flip flops and its 31F outside and your wife thinks you’re an idiot. Anyways, prices are up!

1 Holmes & 1 2007



I’d like a Four Pack please.

I’d love a 2007 Deux Vert vineyard Pinot noir 6 pack



Please put me in for a case of 2015 Holmes Gap - thanks so much.



In for a 4 pack. Sorry I missed you last year on our trip to WV.


I’m in for the '07, shoot me the details :slight_smile:

Todd - I’d like a four-pack of the rose. Thanks!

Email sent. Was it the coffee or an early AM bike ride that held up your pricing?

Thanks for the offer and happy Pre-BD-day!


You funny. Thanks Richard!

I would like a Pinot 4 pack please