Biggest Vintage Difference on a Wine!

One of my bigger differences in recent memory. I have always enjoyed the Marietta wines across the board as they represent good value but the 17 was one of the more disappointing wines of the year but the 18 is amazing.

2018 Marietta Cellars Christo - USA, California, Sonoma County (10/15/2021)
Day 1: What a difference the vintage makes. The 2017 Christo is in the category for worst wine of the year but this wine on a pop and pour is delicious. Dark purple. Dark chocolate, blackberries, plum, spices, coffee beans and minerals. In your face wine done right. Medium to long finish and just tasty. Excellent QPR. 92 points
Day 2: Less intensity but still very nice. Underbrush, pepper, blackberries, spice and minerals. I like this wine much better on the pop and pour. This wine is ready to drink now. 90 points
Day 3: Again lost some of the luster of day 1. While young this wine should be consumed within the next five years.
Recommendation: Buy and pop, pour and enjoy. Drink 2021 to 2026. (92 points)

2017 Marietta Cellars Christo - USA, California, Sonoma County (7/18/2021)
Day 1: A bit sweet for my tastes. Liked other vintages better. Red hots, spice and chalk. As others have noted not a good wine. Really disappointing 14 and 15 were solid but this is a complete bust. Will of course try over the course of 3 or 4 days to see if it improves. 80 points
Day 2: This will be a worst wine of the year candidate. HOT, red hots you ate as a child. Spice, ripe fruit and no balance to the wine. Not sure if it is the whole vintage of this wine or a bad batch. 75 points
Day 3: Heat has died down but quality is still low. Dirt, spices and some fruit. Better than day 1 and 2 due to the lack of heat but still a poorly made wine. 81 points
Recommendation: Don’t buy! (80 points)

1990 Bordeaux vs 1991 has to be right up there, along with 2001 CNDP vs 2002.

With the California fires? perhaps these more recent years might be quite a shift. I’ve talked to a few wine makers who’ve come by and each one I’ve asked them how their vines are doing with this global weather pattern shifting. They assured me no problems since they’ve been planning. The early pickers as well said that’s been the key as well to avoid problems down the road.