Biggest no brainer in............(Arcadian Dierberg)

the history of the world!!

Envoyer has 05 Arcadian Dierberg for $25. I paid $48 3 years ago and entering its drinking window with decant.

yeah, very nice deal. Greg has offered some nice deals on Arcadian in the past two years.

killer price, greg is da man!

I don’t get the Arcadian wines. They are too unfriendly to my palate. So even at $ 25 this wouldn’t be a “deal” to me. But of course, must my little opinion.

I have not had any Arcadian wines. I’ve wanted to try them since listening to the winemaker on graperadio. I just signed up and am trying to buy some. Thanks for the tip.


Hang in there. I think these are still a bit young. If you buy a few, wait about three years and I think you will be pleased. I’m drinking the 02’s now.


Thanks for the tip - just ordered 6 - I may have to open one of my 02s this weekend.