Big Table Farm 6-pack Sampler (only 10 available!)

Big Table Farm

6-pack sampler at @25% discount and free ground shipping (10 units available)

$28 - 2010 Riesling - Brooks Estate Vineyard
$28 - 2010 Pinot gris - Wirtz vineyard
$38 - 2010 Willamette Valley Pinot noir
$45 - 2010 Pinot Noir - Pelos Sandberg vineyard
$48 - 2010 Pinot Noir - Resonance Vineyard
$48 - 2008 Syrah - White Hawk Vineyard
$235 retail - 25% = $176.25 + free ground shipping



I am in for one…

I can vouch for the 2010’s pinot’s having the structure to age for a long time.

Exceptional wines, the pinots and syrah are primo!

I’m in!


I’ll vouch for the Syrah…If you like Lillian, you will probably want to try Big Table Farm.

Did anyone get an e-mail confirmation for their order yet?

Not yet…

I’m in I hope.

I just heard from Clare at Big Table. They are at the Oregon Truffle Festival and will be in contact with everyone on Monday. [cheers.gif]

Thank you everyone for your orders!! and Margot for posting my status : ) – busy day for sure! - I just finished hanging my art show and the festival kicks off with my art opening in 40 min and then big wine and food nonsense tomorrow and Sunday : ) should be fun! there are two six packs left but I’m going to log off so it will be 1st come first serve on the last two… if any body wants links to all we have going on here they are !! thank you again for the interest in our project! Cheers! Clare (the wife and person that draws the labels : ) - the hubs not so good on remote technology! …