Big Basin Vineyards: BD12 EXCLUSIVE OFFER!

We are once again privileged and overjoyed to participate in another Berserker Day! Especially after this past year, we have grown to appreciate our online friends so much more. Seriously, you all are great!

So, because we love you all so much, we’re pulling out all the stops and bringing you something truly special for BD12.

First, we’re giving you all 25% off on any purchases via our online store. This is a discount that is usually only extended to club members on case purchases, but for you, on this very special day, it applies to everything in the store. Use code BD12 at checkout.

Next, we’ve combed through our library stash (which is admittedly, somewhat diminished from the fires) to bring you some Berserker Day exclusive offerings. These bundles have been selected to show the stylistic evolution of our wines: from the ripe, opulent style of our older vintages to the subtle use of oak and higher percentage of whole cluster use in our newer vintages, this is the opportunity to taste our winemaking journey. Price includes shipping and branded Big Basin wooded wine box. These bundles are not available in our store, so comment below to purchase.

Taste of Terroir: Coastview Vineyard $156 ($225 value)
2012 Coastview Vineyard Syrah
2014 Coastview Vineyard Syrah
2016 Coastview Vineyard Syrah

Taste of Terroir: Estate Vineyard $175 ($245 value)
2012 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah
2014 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah
2016 Rattlesnake Rock Syrah

Winemaker Musings Trio and Tasting $200 ($275 value)
2012 Alfaro Family Vineyard Pinot Noir
2015 Alfaro Family Vineyard Pinot Noir
2018 Alfaro Family Vineyard Pinot Noir
Don’t miss out on the chance to taste some incredible wine with Proprietor Bradley Brown and Winemaker Blake Yarger. Join them for a private virtual tasting open only to Berserkers who purchase this pack (we’ll arrange scheduling to fit everyone’s needs after close of sales). This is your time to talk with the individuals who make the dreams of these wines into oh, so delicious reality! Learn about the evolution of this wine, from the first vintage to the utilization of more whole clusters and the addition of a basket press- pick their brains on any aspect of viticulture and winemaking that you want. #winenerdsrejoice [drinkers.gif]

And finally, since we’re starved for social interaction, every purchase will come with a complimentary certificate for a tour and tasting at the Estate Vineyard for up to 4 people. We don’t know when this will be allowed, but when it is, we will be ready and waiting to welcome you back with (masked and probably still socially distanced) open arms! Cheers!

Shipping Info
Due to temperatures, we will automatically hold all shipping purchases until April. If you would like to make arrangements to have your wines shipped sooner than that, please just ask.
No shipping to: AR, KY, MS, UT, LA, MT, NE, ND, OK, RI, SD, AK, HI

Ruthie - Commenting to purchase the Coastview Vineyard package! Let me know the details.

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Hi Matthew! Thanks for your purchase. The 2016 Coastview Vineyard Syrah is one of my absolute favorite wines of ours- you’ll love it! Message me your delivery address and a preferred email and I’ll send you a cart.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of Berserker Day!

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Hellloooo syrah! I’ll take one of these, please. PM coming with my email. Thanks!

Awesome, Max! You’ll want to have that 2014 with something that will bring out the black pepper notes. Steak au Poivre is my go to! Cheers!

Just purchased the Coastview pack. Can’t wait!

Thanks, Matthew! Enjoy and Cheers!

Discount code is working again for anyone who had trouble! [dance-clap.gif]

Ruthie, just texted you about the case order I’m trying to place.

Got it, Philip! Hopefully these nice chats we get to have make up for the inconvenience of our system disliking your address. [head-bang.gif] Cheers and thank you so much for your support! [cheers.gif]

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order in. many thanks. its been a while since I visited you guys, looking forward to coming back!

Thanks John! You’re in our local delivery range so we’ll get those wines out to you next week (let this crazy weather pass). Hope to have you out to the winery soon. Cheers!

Hi there - would love to get in on those three vintages of Coastview Syrah. How can i take advantage of that offer?

Larry B.

Hi Larry! Shoot me a message with you preferred email and shipping address and I’ll get a cart sent right over to you. Cheers!

Hi Ruthie, I’d like a Coastview Vineyard Syrah pack! Had the 2015 Coastyard Terraces Syrah recently and thoroughly enjoyed. I think it was my first sub 14% Syrah.

Big Basin is here, and I am excited to try them out! One thing to consider is using pulp shippers, not sure what happened but there are tiny styrofoam particles all over my kitchen… and the environment.