Bien Nacido & Solomon Hills Wines (Santa Barbara History)

Bien Nacido proudly claims to be the United States’ most influential single-vineyard source, with more than 160 producers over 45 years having used “Bien Nacido” on their labels. Only vineyards in Burgundy have been designated more, and I am certain that has something to do with their 700-year history. Having been inspired by this, Steve Miller’s youngest son, Nicholas (Below LEFT, now the fifth generation) decided to make some of their own small-production wines starting in the late 2000s
In the mid-1850s, the Ontiveros family was granted a deed to a parcel originally called Rancho Tepusquet, near Santa Barbara in California. This was a land grant offered by the then-Governor of Mexico as a homestead for his daughter and new son-in-law to create a future and family. From the first days of their time at Rancho Tepusquet, the Ontiveros family had raised cows, horses, and other livestock next to a small tributary of the Santa Maria River. With a crystalline water source and nearly 2,000 acres of pasture land, the family started building their home. Then came Bob and Steve Miller (Below CENTER), members of their own fourth-generation farming family, both of whom found this pristine property in 1969 when they were offered two contiguous parcels of land that were part of the original Rancho Tepusquet. With the chance to continue a tradition of farming sustainably and focusing on the highest quality, the two original parcels were reunited and rechristened “Bien Nacido.” Directly (and appropriately) translated as “well-born,” Bien Nacido is about as purebred as vineyards come.

Bob and Steve saw this land as a perfect home for wine grapes. Santa Maria Valley is technically classified as a “Winkler Region 1b.” This is as cold, in terms of average temperature, as Champagne; the Mosel Valley in Germany; Kremstal in Austria; and Burgundy’s Cote d’Or. Understanding this, the Millers planted the vineyard with the first certified virus-free clones of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from UC Davis in 1973—the “X Block” Syrah followed in 1987.

Bien Nacido & Solomon Hills Estate wines are made to showcase this sustainably farmed terroir by limiting the factors in the winery that would take away from that. All of the Estate wines from both Solomon Hills and Bien Nacido Estate are as traditional as one can get. All of the grapes hail from low intervention, organically farmed grapes, and are brought into a winery with the same model in mind. No yeast inoculations, no filtering or fining, only minimal Sulfur additions. All focused on bringing out the balance of carefully farmed fruit, with passionate winemaking.

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  • 2020 Bien Nacido Estate Viognier ~~~~ $24.50 - - - Under 14% alc, this sees mostly stainless steel and one neutral barrel. Only 100 cases made, but meant for Condrieu fans more than the traditional SB Viognier drinker.
  • 2018 Bien Nacido Estate Chardonnay ~~~~ $31.50 - - - With a touch of bottle age, this normally tropical and mineral Chardonnay is starting to express more and more texture. It is about the VERY old vines planted on their OWN ROOTS in 1973 that make this wine so special.
  • 2019 Solomon Hills Estate Chardonnay ~~~~ $31.50 - - - This is the wine that consistently is the company favorite. Across all wines, this Chablis inspired Chardonnay from one of the coldest vineyards in the region stands on its own. Under 13% alc. Ver limited new oak as well.
  • 2020 Bien Nacido Estate The Bench Red Blend ~~~~ $31.50 - - - This is our 50/50 Syrah and Pinot Blend. Both saw no new oak, and are aged in large Foudre before being blended. Very much about mid week drinking. 14%ABV
  • 2019 Solomon Hills Estate Pinot Noir ~~~~ $42.00 - - - IF you have had this vineyard from anyone else (Ojai, Daou, Paul Lato) you will know this is very much about secondary elements. Mint and Matcha Tea, Chinese Sausage and Crunchy Red Fruits. ABV under 14%
  • 2019 Bien Nacido Estate Syrah ~~~~ $42.00 - - - This is a super Northern Rhone inspired wine. Very much pink peppercorns and savory herbs with violet flowers. 14% Alcohol, and definitely leaner than many styles from the Central Coast.

  • Captain, Old Vine and XO Syrah all sold out. MY BAD. ~~
    All other wines in limited quantities will be available, but without discount.

    Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills Estate - YouTube
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My wife loved the 2019 viognier! It disappeared fast so I’m going to have to buy more. And we visited the ranch last year which is absolutely amazing and I highly encourage everyone to try and visit if you can. Looks like if you buy a case they will throw in a really amazing tour!

My 1x/ yr BFF !!! Will my long lost brother from another mother… I missed you!

very bummed the XO sold out… I needed more.

Hi Will–

I’m excited to purchase some viognier and pinot. is it possible to pick up from the tasting room, rather than have it shipped? lmk, thanks!

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Yes, please select pick up location when purchasing. Thank you

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Always looking for some new sources of Viognier and Syrah - order in for a mixed 6!

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We had a great time visiting the vineyard last year and are looking forward to the new tasting room. In for a mixed case!

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Thank you so much for your orders, we hope you enjoy!

1 case ordered. Thanks, Will!!

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My wife and I had a great visit with Anthony Avila at BN following last year’s purchase.

The 2019 Solomon Hills Pinot Noir and BN Syrah really stood out for us when we tasted at the vineyard. Those who love whole cluster and earth tones will really dig the Solomon Hills PN. The Syrah is cool climate, and structured to age.

No knock on the Chard and Viognier, either, just really loved the two above!

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i have some of the XO at the Bien Nacido Tasting room. how many bottles were you looking for? I wouldn’t be able to discount them but if your intrested I can ship the wine to you?

hey, Will, good to see you here. Hope you stick around and post some tasting notes! Miss talking to you.