Better late than never - HOLY GRAIL STEAK CO deep discount

Dear Berserker Friends,

Well, better late than never. Take 30% off anything in our store, huge assortment of A5-grade Japanese Wagyu, American Tajima Wagyu, Texas-raised Akaushi Wagyu, and full assortment of Upper Prime Angus both wet and dry aged (35days). Click through the link here or enter BD10 in the coupon code at checkout.

Discount runs through tomorrow.



Grabbed some ribeyes, thx for the deal Cameron!

Sounds crazy but my son has been bugging us about trying Wagyu steak, so what a great opportunity to actually introduce him at a price that won’t require raiding his college fund.

If he eats enough Wagyu, you won’t need college fund. Scholarship guaranteed :slight_smile:

Born salesman!



Made one of the upper prime strips and filets tonight, so delicious!

awesome! Glad you enjoyed! Adding a couple new farms with interesting angus programs…one cold climate from Minnesota with interesting feed additions and the other from Texas with some really good genetics…

Not sure about the scholarship, but cooked the Wagyu flight for his birthday dinner and he was blown away. Telling me I should have got more. Hope you’ll be back next Berserker Day. (Not that I’m gonna wait that long to order again.) Cheers! [cheers.gif]