Beta wines 2011 Cabernet

Technically Pobega’d but obviously with such a delayed release not really a true Pobega.

I have a pretty low opinion of 11’s but this bottle impressed, it had a wonderful controlled edge of mountain cab. Nicely fresh tasting but with those greener red fruit notes, a nice acidity in balance, an ideal wine for something rich and a little fatty, lamb shank with roast veg would be awesome. Im learning that i like wine like this in the 5-12 year range, integrated but still with some bite, older versions i have of similar wines had lost some of the bite and it leaves a void that the fruit cant fill and i find those wines flat.

For the price this is a well made awesome wine that im glad i have a few of, i will be drinking over the next few years though.

How much did you pay?

So, this Beta was an Alpha?

I think some producers made pleasant wine in ‘11, Corison coming to mind.

I passed this note along to Ketan. I realized after I sent it to him I should probably explain Pobega’d. He was very appreciative of the note. I have talked to him the past about his 11 and he has always really liked it.

I opened a 2011 Beta a couple weeks ago at a dinner party. I uncorked it and pushed it aside, planning to give is some air and then pour it for dinner. However, the first taste was very promising and I told one person. Before I knew it, half the group had some in their glass and the bottle was nearly empty. What I did have was excellent. One of the better 2011s, and just an excellent wine no matter the vintage. Curious how the other vintages compare.

Matt - release price of the wine was $85

and btw - i too have popped one of these corks. would agree that a very enjoyable wine, especially in vintage context