Best Wineries to visit near NYC...if any!

At the end of May I plan going to NY to visit my best friend, who lives in Brooklyn.

We did a very nice trip to Napa and Sonoma two years ago and he tells me we could now visit some wineries around the NY area.

I am not too keen on visiting wineries just for the sake of it, and I never heard of any winery around NY of the same quality as those in California…or am I wrong?

Is there anything worth visiting around the area?

Thanks in advance for your help & suggestions.

On the north fork of long island there is a booming wine industry that is fun to visit but if you have a notion in your head that Napa and Sonoma are your benchmark, you will be disappointed. My buddy Ray Ormand has a great knowledge of what you will find. The area is quaint and worth a visit.

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Red Hook Winery. Visit the winery follow with lunch or early dinner at Red Hook Tavern (reserve far in advance). And walk around Red Hook.


Thank you, Mike.

The one I just found that seems to have some recognition is Wolffer Estate. I don’t know if you have heard of this one.

On the south fork of LI: I like Channing daughters’ orange wines enough to make the occasional pilgrimage.

On the north fork of LI: if it’s a nice day, the views from Kontokosta Winery over the Long Island sound are great, and you can picnic with a glass of servicable+ rosé in your hand and watch the sunset.

But as others will echo, this ain’t napa or sonoma. Local wineries can make some good bottles, but rarely great. Both the north and south forks are both 2-3hrs+ drive from the city! I’d only do the above visits (or any LI winery visit) if I was already going out to eastern LI for some other reason…

Honestly, unless you were focused on winery visits, spend your money what NYC is good for: world-class restaurants, wine bars and culture.


Here is some more info.

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If you go to that area, Paumonok is a must visit IMO.


I don’t think it’s worth the several hours of driving to get to the North Fork wineries. I’ve found Paumonok, Channing Daughters and Wollfer Estate – the ones most often recommended – consistently mediocre. Drinkable, yes. Interesting, no. These days, I think much more interesting wine is being made in the Finger Lakes, even though it’s a much harsher climate.


Sparkling Pointe is wonderful.

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Going out to LI for the wine is not worth it.
Going out to LI for the sites, food, etc. and tacking wine on is worth it.
Going to the NY finger lakes for the wine is worth it, but too far for NYC trip.

Stay around the city and have a great time. Lots of wine related options on the NYC restaurants thread. If you share where in BK - happy to suggest some spots.


If you do make it out to Long Island here are some good choices: Paumanok, One Woman Wines, Coffee Pot Cellars and Kontokosta.


surprised Macari isn’t on the list yet. Seems the most serious wines on the North Fork.

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Thank you, guys. I think I am going to try and convince my friend to do some other activity instead. Or else to extend the trip by 3-4 days and travel to California again…

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I’ve never been but my wife and father-in-law went at my recommendation last year; they greatly enjoyed the wines and food- had a wonderful time.