Best wineries to visit in Sonoma?

Another shout out should go out to Talty. Near Healdsburg, great Dry Creek zin.

I like Imagery a lot.

Unusual wines and I like that they have a small art gallery just off the tasting room, so you can view the art behind their labels.

Nah. Just start a thread about how much better the Swan winemaking and vineyard sourcing is to any other Sonoma producer. That should get John’s attention.


Sonoma Coast Appellation
Pinot - Must do Littorai - need to make an appointment read about this

Chasseur and Lynmar
Chasseur - ugly building great Pinot and Chard - need to make appointment

Lynmar - Great views, great wines - on the expensive side for the great ones, can have lunch.

Zinfandel heaven

Dry Creek Vally
Mazzacco - the best In the land :slight_smile:

Rafanelli only 2 wines - but it is worth the visit - Need to make appointment

Wilson Winery

Also in Alexander valley
Stryker Winery

For Hanna do not do the one in Santa Rosa.

Sonoma area

Enjoy and drive carefully.

Lots of good recs so far. Holdredge is very convenient, right in Healdsburg. Then you should most definitely take the drive down Westside road, for the scenery and wines. Arista is a nice stop. Rochioli a beautiful stop (though not sure how much wine they have to taste). Then come back the other side of the river on East Side Rd and go to Copain (my highest recommendation for both wines and venue).

Or try writing an open letter [berserker.gif]

If pinot noir is your favorite, you should try out Skewis’s new tasting room in Healdsburg, as they are probably amoung the tops in California pinot. Sadly, I have not had a chance to go there yet myself.

I just saw this. Absolutely you should go to Skewis since you are going to be in town anywy. Let me know what their new room is like.

Siduri is fun. Also I hear Donelan is good.

So have you been yet? I really want to hear what the new Skewis tasting room is like?

I was visiting a vineyard in the RRV last week and on my way back to Napa I stopped off at Red Car. They are located in Graton. Great Chardonnady, Syrah and Pinots.

Holy moly, a lot of choices!! This is a good thread because i am heading there in November. Gotta start formulating a game plan.

I was worried that few places would be open on Sunday, but looks like there are several good options.

If you like wines in a fairly restrained style, I would add Copain and Porter Creek.

As long as we are on this topic - please throw in some good dining options. One night would be in Healdsburg, and one night in Santa Rosa maybe??


Just had dinner at Scopa. Had a great meal there.


Scopa is the best restaurant on the Square (IMHO). I’m a Healdsburg local, and our tasting room is within sight of them, and it’s the favorite food place in town of our staff, bar none.
My favorite entree is the Rib Eye for two, best steak in town.

Reservations are pretty much required as it’s very small.

If you’re up for a wild drive, Hirsch is a great visit.

Any other wineries near Hirsch that can be visited??

Peay and Flowers are up there in the For Ross area.