Best wineries to visit in Sonoma?

Peay only allows mailing listers to visit, but Flowers sounds like they may take visitors. Thanks

Hey Scott, those are great places to visit, just keep in mind that they are WAY out… I would not plan on visiting any other wineries that day as it will take an hour or more to get back into Healdsburg. However, you could always plan to hang in Jenner after you are done (were the RRV meets the ocean) - there is a decent restaurant and the sunsets are spectacular.

Thanks Mike…while very intrigued to head over there, I am only in town for a short visit, so I will not be hitting Peay or Flowers. Some other time possibly.

Ok - another question. Let’s say you could only do 2 of these 5…which would you go to? I’ve read up on the first 4 and am intrigued by their offerings, but have never tried any of their wines.

Littorai (appt needed)
Gary Farrell (winery sounds beautiful…how is the wine?)
Wind Gap (appt needed)
Rochioli (pro: I looove their wines, and have heard the winery is beautiful…con: what will they have to pour?)

I’d definitely go to Wind Gap and visit Arnot-Roberts at the same time, since they are adjacent to one another. Only about 25 minutes from Healdsburg, if that.


Agreed. Walking the square in Healdsburg is quite enjoyable after a meal.

Dine at Bistro Ralph on the square in Healdsburg for an excellent lunch or dinner.

When I visited Rochioli a few weeks ago, they were pouring the estate wines. The rose (if it’s still available) was the killer of the bunch. They and Gary Farrell have beautiful views, but I’d personally prioritize Inman as a drop-in over these two for the wines (she also has a very nice rose). If you’re up on Westside Road, also consider Arista for a drop-in.

Just returned from a trip to the Healdsburg area a few days ago. We have been there a bunch of times and it is always amazing. We had fun at the Kokomo, Papapietro Perry and the Family Wineries tasting rooms on Dry Creek Rd. A good way to hit a lot in a short period of time. Also, there is a new food truck there which may be a good alternative to the Dry Creek Grocery. We didnt get to try the food but the view from the picnic area is beautiful.

By far the best tasting of the last trip was Holdredge. The “walking tour” with John was alot of fun and his pinots are delicious.

Other standouts for us in Dry Creek were Mounts (Zins and PS), and Unti (grenache, zin and syrah)

We also had a good tasting at Siduri in Santa Rosa.

Our favorite restaurants in Healdsburg are Scopa and Barn Diva.

i’ve had great experiences at:


Well, looks like I won’t get to simply choose where I want to go to, as i will be there during the “Wine and Food Affair” weekend. A lot of wineries are participating and will be busy. Sounds like a nice event…and we may attend the event one day…but prefer to do some quieter visits on the other day.

+++ on Lynmar! Wines are pricey, but they are quite good and the grounds are beautiful. Gary Farrell was very generous with our visit. Six wines poured and many paired with nibbles including local cheeses. Really very generous (that visit was with an appointment). Joseph Swan was also pretty cool.

Scherrer makes some pretty amazing Pinots if you can find him hiding off the main roads. Probably the most fantastic hermit winemaker out there. And he has a killer little music studio in his office too if you’re a musician.