Best Wine with BLT Sandwich

George Lewis was in town this past weekend with his lovely bride Roberta.
It was so nice to see him.
BT Bob Fleming decided it would be a good time to do a best wine with BLT dinner.

We all gathered at Bob’s house. There were 8 of us including Charles and Kathy Johnson.

The bacon was two types.
A homemade bacon from Oxford, MS from the BBB Restaurant (delicious)
and the old favorite Nueskis.

Heirloom tomatos that were ripe. Some bread. Some arugula and basil if wanted. Duke’s Mayo which is a requirement for a proper BLT.

Here are the wines.

2007 Domaine Sigalas Santorini Wine (100% Assyrtico)

A crisp gorgeous nose that is loaded with ripe white fruits and minerals. The palate shows fabulous acidity. Lots of white fruit. Crushed minerals like oyster shell. Terrific stuff. Amazing with the BLT.

1989 Luneau-Pepin Muscadet “L” d’or de Luneau

The nose is complex. Significant volatile acidity at first. Ripe fruits. The palate is all minerals and unctuous texture. A nice finish. Not so good with the BLT however.

2006 Albert Boxler Pinot Blanc Reserve

A light nose. Crisp. Some element of lychee type fruit. The palate is crisp and shows a fabulous balance of fruit and acid. Dances in the mouth. Wonderful finish. Some residual sugar for sure. Great with the BLT.

2008 Domaine des Grand Bois CdR Rose

A wonderful nose. Reddish fruit but light and refreshing on the nose and palate. Again there is special fruit to acid here. Beautiful finish. Very nice with the BLT.

2003 Clos de Tart

A nose that is dark fruit and bacon fat. The palate is very dense at this point. There is acid underneath that keeps it from being cloying. Nice finish of very ripe dark red fruit. Just OK with the BLT

2006 Chiroubles Unknown Small Producer

Bright cherry nose. The palate is focused with cherry fruit and some slight element of earth. The finish is clean. This is nice with the BLT.

2001 Henri Bonneau Reserve des Celestins CNP

What a nose. Dark fruit. Haunting. Lots of complexity. Tobacco. Herbes de Provence. There is a focus on the palate and complexity that just defies description. This races on the edge of ripeness but carries everything with grace. A very long satisfying finish. Not so good with the BLT but this is one profound wine in every way. Thanks George
BTW, this is so much better than the 1998 it is not even funny. This is what Bonneau should be.

2000 Bosquet des Papes CNP

Great nose. Less complexity here. Also simpler. The palate is satisfying. There is length. After the Bonneau, this is an unfair comparison. A good wine. Not so good with the BLT.

1996 Clos de Lambrays

A gorgeous nose of red fruit and sous bois. A focused red fruit palate with truffle undertones that are subtle. The length is not quite where it will be with time. Still some structure to handle. This is a wonderful wine. OK with BLT

With blackberries…

1997 Domaine Ostertag Muenchberg Riesling VT

This was hand carried back from Paris from the shop associated with Fish… a Boissonerie.

WOW! Crisp ripe fruit on the nose. Almost peach in character. Subtle. A hint of lucious petrol. The palate is an amazing balance of fruit and acid. Light in the mouth but with terrific intensity. Amazing length. This is spectacular and profound. With the berries a match made in heaven. Thanks George again.

I think everyone agreed the best match was the berries and the Ostertag.

With the BLT, the winner was my wife’s wine. The Santorini from Sigalas. A really nice match. Several others were mentioned for sure. It was a very close match. She was able to gloat however in that she doesn’t really drink wine that often.

The worst wine was the Muscadet from Luneau-Pepin that I brought. Just not enough citrus here and punch from the acidity to handle the tomatos.

Tons of fun.
Thanks Bob for hosting.

George and Roberta. Bon Voyage.
Return soon.

Only two weeks to go until annual “Baconfest” event!!! I can’t wait. I’m not usually a big fan of Roses but I think they go great with BLTs. So does beer.

Thanks for all the data points Don.

Eye opening results. Have never tried to serve wine w/ bacon but would have thought a grenache or maybe mourvedre based wine to start. Would likely not have considered an acidic white wine except maybe champagne which I’ll pair with almost anything.

Great post!

One of my favorite pairings with Tempier rosé is a BLT… I might have to branch out!

I love WB for threads just like this.
Thanks! flirtysmile

Made BLTs tonight. Toasted ciabatta, Sriracha & lime-spiked mayo, romaine hearts first followed by deliciously ripe, home-grown Early Girl tomato slices then Boars Head bacon and one last layer of romaine. Awesomeness between bread. Paired with a 2005 Colonial Estate Barossa Semillon Expatrie, which I had leftover from the night before. Not a terrible match, but the wine needed a little more acidity to keep up with the freshness of the sandwich. In any case, can’t beat a good BLT.