Best wine store in Phoenix

Any help would be appreciated. I’m looking for someone carrying older Bordeaux. Price not as much a concern as selection. Thanks.

I do live south of Phoenix’land - so I don’t have the full picture of the wine retail scene… I’ve been to Sportsman’s - a fairly nice selection - nothing super special. In general, Arizona is a wine wasteland unless you know someone with a nice cellar - purchased from out-of-state no doubt. Are you visiting? If so, bring some wine along…

Hang in there David, shot a message to John Lenzo in Phoenix. He had better know some good spots.


Per Steve Lenzo, try these three places.

AZ wine in Scottsdale.
AJ’s fine foods, Pinnacle Peak location
Arcadia fine wines.


Just in case David, if you want a nice lunch spot with good sandwiches, appetizers, and salads Sportsmans at 32 and Camelback in Phoenix or at Shea and Scottsdale roads in Scottsdale serve nice food with the added bonus you can buy a bottle and for a modest corkage drink it with your choice of food. VB

I’d second AZ wine and Arcadian, both have pretty intelligent selections at tolerable prices. That said depending on where you are from, be prepared to be disappointed.

Being the best wine store in AZ is like being the smartest kid in the short bus.