Best wine lockers west of the 405 (Los Angeles)


I am exploring alternatives for storing my extra wine (running out of space) and
I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a wine locker place that is reasonably
priced and reliable on the LA westside.

Any suggestions?



L.A. Fine Arts and Wine Storage on Centinela is the cheapest I found.

A little bit of a drive from the Westside (Prob 20-25 min), but well worth it for the price is The Cave in Glendale. I live about 15 miles away but it’s by far the most reasonably priced place I have found. Temp and Humidity controlled and Jen who runs it is a sweetheart.


I agree with the Cave recommendation. Great operation, Jen is the best, and the temperature and humidity is perfect. I’ve stored my wine there for many years and the storage conditions are impeccable.

Thanks everyone!


LA Fine Arts and Wine Storage is probably a much better location than trying to get to/from Glendale. I’ve been there for years and I’m extremely satisfied.

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I’m with the Wine Cellar on Pontius, not west of the 405 but pretty much right on the 405.

We’ve had lockers at L.A. Art and Fine Wines for about a dozen years. It used to be über convenient when we lived within a mile. The prices are certainly reasonable, especially for the upper lockers. I’ve never had any problems with them. Certainly I’ve never noticed a temp. Issue. I don’t really know that anywhere could be much less expensive. I guess they could be open a little later in the evening or on Sunday, which L.A. Isn’t. I guess some places are better at accepting deliveries, but I never do that. To me proximity is the overwhelming factor and I couldn!t imagine storing wine in Glendale if I lived on the Westside. I do have friends that are happy with Wine Cellar too.

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What John said

I’m in Mar Vista but store at the cave. It is significantly cheaper (I get three 24 case lockers for roughly the price of 1 or 2 elsewhere) and the distance keeps me from stopping in randomly to drink what I know in my heart needs more time. Makes me pick and choose what to drink and load up the wine fridge 2-3 times a year instead.

Glendale is a 20-25 minute drive from the westside when there is no traffic on the 405/101/134. My guess is that The Cave isn’t open at 2am on a Wednesday morning. [snort.gif]

I could imagine storing wine as far away as Glendale if it’s wine you intended to store and NOT touch for years. But if you had any desire to move wine in and out on a semi-regular basis, I can’t imagine schlepping back and forth to Glendale from the westside. The other recs in this thread are where I would go.


Thanks for your suggestions. Glendale is too far for me I am close to the beach.
Could not handle the drive…

I will have a look at the Wine Cellar and LA Fine Arts.

Thanks everyone!


Hey JF,

Is Torrance too far from you? If not, Life Storage in Torrance is pretty decent with good pricing. I stopped by there last week to see the units. Im looking at options to maybe pull my wine out of storage in Long Beach. I like my current location but pricing could be better.


Anyone know about or used Terminal 55 in Van Nuys? It is near the Van Nuys airport. I’m in need of off-site storage and like OP would like something west of 405 but given my locale the SFV is more optimal, so wanted to know if anyone had feedback on this place as an option. Thanks.