best way to pour a 6L champagne?

plan on serving it tonite. do i pour it into decanters, as i don’t think i’ll do a good job right into my guests’ glasses. thanks champagne.gif

Several magnum decanters if you have them work great for big bottles. Be sure to keep the bottle on the floor to open and pour. Enjoy !!

You will get in troubles pouring the 6L into decanters - it will take eternities until the bubbles settle down.
I would lay the bottom of the 6L on a solid soft rest (e.g. a rubber plate on a table) - the drinkers should line up with their glasses - and then start to pour one glass after the other gently … then stand it upright again - until the glasses are all empty …

was worried about the time for the bubbles to settle
maybe i’ll do a mag decant to start and let that sit while i use robert’s method and just pour glasses. sounds like a plan

  1. Stand it up on the floor
  2. Saber that bottle!
  3. Insert Medical grade silicon tube
  4. Methusaleh Stands!

chill hard. pick up a siphon at the local homebrew shop.

Go to home depot and buy 4 feet of thin, plastic, siphon tube. Put bottle on edge of table. Put siphon tube down into the bottle. Start siphon and fill 1 glass at a time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Mark!

So what’s the matter with pouring out of a 6L of Champagne? The thing probably weighs ~32 pounds. Pick it up, tilt gently, fill the glasses, repeat whenever anybody wants one until it’s empty.

I once did a dinner party for 16 people, went overboard and opened a Melchior of red Bordeaux - 18 litres. For the first two hours of the party, I did not have time to eat or drink anything. I just poured wine out of a bottle that weighed 70 pounds to start. I had a wonderful time.

Dan Kravitz

Decanters are fine and the way I have gone before with no issues.

Get a pair! I poured from a 12 litre that Leo brought to a Berserkerfest. And it took two days.

All good ideas but nothing re the glass. If youre pouring into flutes, good luck with the narrow bowl. Id serve it in wide rim stemware. I drink champagne mostly out of a Riedel Bordeaux stem. For a lot of people, you may not have that many glasses nor desire to use them. Good luck and report back with how it went.

Simple answer…down your gullet.

Crazy Straws from the bottle - a very communal experience :slight_smile:
(yes, I’ve done it)

Goddammit, you beat me to it. [rofl.gif]

Is it possible to retrofit a bronco tap to a 6L mag? newhere [snort.gif]

Decant Champagne? Keep in mind, the wine was transferred into that big bottle from 750 ml’s, so the mousse took a hit already. I like the bubbles in my bubbly. Forget tubes and decanters they will just “flatten” the Champaigne further.
I support pouring from the bottle supported by a rubber mat on a table .

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Make a sling out of a large towel or small sheet, like you would a boy scout sling to go around a wounded arm. Put it around your neck and suspend the bottle in it. Makes it a lot easier to tip slightly and pour without your arms wearing out holding the bottle up.

Doesn’t decanting or racking miss the point of such a large bottle? It should be a production. Otherwise, get a few mags instead.

all good ideas, thanks
the stuff was completely flat. dead.
as far as a still wine it was pretty damn tasty, but for my non-wine geek friends, it just wasn’t champagne so a lot of 750’s took a hit.

Mark - What was the Champagne?

Btw - in my experience, pouring Champagne from 3L and 6L directly into the glass works fine. Best if not using flutes as Blake mentioned.

When it comes to 6L of red wine, then I would definitely decant into magnum decanters and give plenty of time for the wine to open up. You can keep mag bottles around and transfer if the wine seems to opening up too soon in the decanter.

Best way is with ME THERE !