Best Ultra dry champagne

Looking for ideas of easily available zero dosage champagne please

Tarlant Zero, for one.

Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne NV

Gimonnet 2008 Bdb Non Dosage is a personal favorite.
Lenoble also makes a Zero Dosage that is worth trying and can be found for @ $40.

I don’t know a lot about zero-dosage or grower Champagne, but the Roederer NV Brut (even the Cali btl) are crisp and clean.

Though it’s not my favorite category of Champagne, I’ve had interesting examples from Bereche, Doquet, Lahaye, Laval, Ledru, Lenoble, and Savart.

It depends on what you are looking for. Do you what a technical Brut Zero that truly tastes bone dry with lots of salty minerality; something that tastes as if you were licking the stones in the ground? Or, do you want a zero dosage Champagne that has plenty of fruit and natural sweetness from riper grapes that tastes as sweet as some 4-6 g/L dosed wines do? These are two very different styles of zero dosage. I personally prefer zero that tastes like it is close to or at the low end of Brut. The easiest to find example of this style is probably Roederer’s 2006 Brut Nature. Savart, Goeffroy, Selosse, and Doyard are a few producers who also make wines in this style.

For a very technical bone dry perspective, a lot of the larger houses who do a NV non dosage are in this style. Ayala, Laurent Perrier, Pol Roger, Feuillatte, and Philipponnat all come to mind and should not be that hard to find. There are plenty of others in this category too with Bereche’s non-dosage wines falling here although more and more you find a lot of the smaller growers (like Bereche) now adding a few grams of dosage if their wines are made in this style and moving to Extra Brut.

I think Salon even made a non-dosage version at some point, given no melo fermentation in their wines, it must be pretty intense.

Salon has never done a non-dosage version except for special tastings or on the spot disgorgements at the domaine. All of the older Salon wines labeled “Nature” are actually still wines of Champagne and not Brut Nature Champagne. Until the early 70s, when the official Coteaux de Champenois appellation was established, still wines from Champagne were labelled as “Nature” or “Vin de Nature” and normally came from grapes that gave the producer an approved way to exceed the legal declared yield.

sketch in london had salon 02 non dosé

Looking for bone dry, mouth puckering acidity and dryness.

No residual sweetness at all

Yes, but I’d classify this as a a special tasting. It was not normal and wasn’t any part of a planned release. I don’t have knowledge of how the actual wine was served or sold in reality, but the concept was to offer consumers a by the glass pour of the regular 2002 Salon (at around 5-6 g/L dosage) next to a non-dosage version. I have no idea if this how it was carried out or if bottles ended up being sold, but it was a special tasting pair request by Sketch and done in a limited manner.

Been drinking quite a few Extra Brut and Non Dose Champagnes lately. If you’re after bone dry “feeling,” steely, mineral forward Champagnes, both the Ulysse Collin Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut and Marie Courtin’s Resonance Extra Brut fit the bill. I’m a fan of non dose and Extra Brut, but these are a bit much even for me.

If you are after the fruitier, riper style of non dose/Extra Brut Champagnes, try Laherte Freres Les Vignes D’Autrefois Extra Brut or Laherte Freres Blanc de Blanc Brut Nature. Both showed all of the steely, mineral driven spine that I love, but were much softer and fruit forward. I enjoyed both quite a bit!

+1 on the Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006. I had a glass of this a couple weekends ago at my annual deep fried turkey and Champagne tasting. It was easily my Champagne of the day. Bone dry, loaded with citrus fruit notes, acidic, with laser like precision.

I love the NV Philipponnat Champagne Brut Non-Dosé. I’ve refilled 750’s and mags several times from RWC. Great price too.

Larmandier-Bernier’s Terre de Vertus is a zero dosage wine, right? I really enjoyed the 2009 from a huge white wine glass where it got to show its awesome vinous character. Other great ones have been Emmanuel Brochet’s Le Mont Benoit Extra Brut and Chartogne-Taillet’s single vineyard wines, especially Les Orizeaux.

The 12 Marguet Shaman blew my mind a few weeks ago. Listed as zero dose and yet it didn’t come off as astringent or difficult to drink (like Laval did for me last time I had it). The Marguet was beautiful, with steely strawberry and cherry, along with lemon peel. I went back and scored a handful more for the cellar. Super stuff.

Dosage is like facebook: soo yesterday
Vouette et Sorbee Cuvee Blanc d’Argile Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut is fantastic

Any of the Ruppert-Leroy offerings. Brut Nature and sans soufre.
Acquired taste.

Consumed a couple bottles of Ayala Brut Nature over the past six months or so. I really liked them FWIW. champagne.gif