Best Source for Cremant de Alsace?

It seems to me that as long as people are tagged as ITB, the reader can discern for themselves how much the person is serving themselves, and how much they are genuinely involved in the topic.

As an example - When a discussion of winemaking techniques and approaches comes up, should Kevin Harvey not explain his POV? By explaining his POV, he is clearly describing why he thinks his approach is the right one, and thus promoting his wines while building on his name recognition etc.

I am not for censorhip, FWIW.

I am for self-censorship. Don’t recommend what you sell…and don’t disparage others’ in the same category. Seems pretty simple.

Of course…the intangible benefits of posting on such a prestigious, informed forum are something we all recognize.

But…recommending wines you sell, etc… is a different issue. The "Disclaimer…I sell it…is , IMO, disingenuous. Us readers have no ability to discern such a poster’s real motives or even his/her knowledge re: something he/she sells.

So…I think my “proposal” is “modest”, indeed. Don’t tout what brings you income…even if you say you’re being “transparent” , “disinterested” , etc. You aren’t; you can’t be. Even if you’re just dabbling in wine and are really a lawyer… [wow.gif] like me.

It shouldn’t be worth all this analysis…but…it also shouldn’t require the ITB/retailer/wine educator from MA’s suggestion that all such people be banned from posting, either. That is not “modest” as the lawyer/retailer from CA pointed out in response.

I just don’t want to read stuff like…this is great wine…and, by the way, I sell it if you want some. Even if I recognize the promoter and know the source of the promotion…everyone doesn’t.


What the f*ck is going on here? Why is the bonehead picking a fight? I really don’t get it. Everything was fully disclosed here, and now a perfectly fine thread turns into another goddamned shit show.

I didn’t smell it till you got here, Eric.

What, by the way is a “shit show”? Never heard of that expression before, though I often see it when you arrive on a thread and post…
Have you trademarked the term?

The bonehead is not picking a fight…just offering observations, as you are. I am just less crude, I think, so you might be confused.

Do you not consider this a legitimate issue? If not…to each his own. (Whoops, I just remembered: you are the guy behind Cellar Tracker…and its “empire”…) Lighten up, man!

If you’d like to continue on this tangent, I suggest you start a new thread and/or survey about ITB involvement. In the meantime, I’d like to continue to hear from knowledgeable posters, including Martin, regarding Cremant d’Alsace.

You might be surprised if it turns out that the immediate push-back to your post here is consistent with the views of most board participants. That doesn’t mean you have to change your opinion, but perhaps you can be less strident. It’s not an ethical issue (given disclosure) but rather a moderator choice. I’d personally be surprised and disappointed if your view carried the day, but if it does, WB moderators should take it under consideration. I appreciate the contributions of all ITBers. With respect to retailers specifically, I recognize that if they are to contribute TNs and producer recommendations, they will invariably address wines they carry or choose not to carry. I’ll take that bargain. If you want to more heavily discount their posts, that’s your personal choice.

Thank you,


The beauty of being grown-ups here is that everyone is free to decide for themselves if someone is being an outright shill or if someone is honestly promoting a product they think the audience will like and enjoy within the requested parameters.

My suggestion is, don’t alienate yourself by attempting to alienate others with the thinking that you are speaking for the entire community.

Make sense?

I don’t know what you’re fussed about, Stuart. I can only think of one or two ITB postings over the years that seemed out of keeping with the spirit of the board, and they were pretty minor infractions, and the poster usually just didn’t understand the ground rules. The ITB WBers have bent over backward not to be self-promoting.

So let’s return to our originally scheduled programming…

As usual, not really, Jorge. I speak only for me and my opinions. I never purported to speak for anyone else (even my sons) here.

So…if I understand your point…I think it’s the substance of my opinions, rather than my purporting to speak for others that seems controversial here. People always want to think that they have the ability to separate genuine, unbiased opinion from b.s. and self-interest. The Madoff and Rudy sagas show that in droves. I prefer to not need to figure things like that out, instead. It’s less complicated and I am not superman either.

Does anyone have any tasty Cremant d’Alsace to recommend or to sell? I think that is what this thread is about. RIF.

You mean to drink with what you describe as a “shit show”?

First, we have to have its creator tell us what that is.

Then, there might be some to recommend. I’ve heard that Albert Boxler’s neighbor makes one that might go.

Keep digging. Now back to the Cremant!


Winner winner chicken dinner.

The best solution here would be if you can pick out posters that cross over into promoting wine that they have a stake in and put then on IGNORE.

That is true self-censorhip.

It appears that many of the rest of us want to hear what they have to say, even if they have some interest in a wine.

By the way, a nice Albrecht Cremant Rosé is GREAT with a chicken dinner. However it is a poor pairing for a shit show. Please take that elsewhere to pair with something from Beaune.

Thanks for explaining.

Barnyard has been missing from Beaune for over thirty years now, and some people have missed it, too.

Feel free to start your own thread.

Ok; OK…so…tell us a little bit about Briceland Vineyards already? [truce.gif]

Where is it? What is it? What great products do you (with a disclaimer, of course) make and sell? And, how do they go with Humboldt Fog?

Is it just me, or does the entire f*cking board need a time-out today?