Best Rose ever?

Houghton 1985 Rose.

It was made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine had won just about every regional wine show gold medal/trophy for the class back then - I think it was about 32 golds and about 6 or 7 trophies for best rose. I’ve been looking for an equivalent ever since.

So what’s everyone else’s favourite?

2009 Rocca di Montegrossi Rosato. 100% sangiovese.

Chateau d’Esclans Cotes de Provence Whispering Angel Rose if you’re partial to Provencal roses. Don’t recall the vintage. A blend of the usual southern French grapes.

Have no idea how either would compare to Houghtons.

2009 Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Rosé Delaille is the best I have ever tried. garagiste pumped it out a few years back. Great blend of savory and fruit.

2010 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Rosé.

I tend to gravitate towards Tavel for roses with good forward fruit and a spine of racing acidity

I’ve not had it but the Barnard Griffin rose of sangio has many admirers, especially at the SF Chron Wine Comp

“Barnard Griffin started off 2012 right with an unprecedented award for its Rosé of Sangiovese. The wine from the 2011 vintage won a gold medal and the sweepstakes for top pink wine of the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.
This is the seventh consecutive year the Richland winery has won gold or better for its Rosé of Sangiovese.”

Ed Fus

Domaine Ott. Though best is obviously subjective and I’m not sure that there’s as much range between Best and Good in rosés as in other wines. They can be VERY good, but have always seemed to me wines that really are one half of a food/wine match. Alone, they’re nice. With the right food, there’s little that’s better.

Domaine Tempier (Bandol) has always been my benchmark. I buy a half-dozen every year.
In recent years I’ve discovered some excellent ones in Washington and Willamette Valley. The problem here is that they are made in small quantities and sold mainly in the tasting rooms. DeLille comes to mind (the winery is in Woodinville just outside of Seattle) and in Willamette Valley there is Antica Terra and Lenne (both made from Pinot Noir) that have hit my Rose sweet spot.
And how could I forget Lopez de Heredia in Rioja. Their current release is 2001 and it’s remarkably good

Jay - i forgot Tempier and LdH too. Both are terrific.

I’ve always loved Tempier, but the price is getting out of hand.

I really liked Jamie Kutch’s one-off Rose of Pinot Noir (2006). It really highlighted the coolness of his label as well.

Surprised no one has mentioned Chateau Simone.

While that is the true benchmark, my 2010 rosé was definitely Domaine du Bagnol Cassis Rosé and you can completely get 3 bottles of this for the price of one Simone

Crochet makes a knock out Sancerre Rosé

Mirassou Petite Rose made from petite sirah. It was an almost neon dark pink and delicious.

Cantalupo’s “Il Mimo” (the mime), 100 % Nebbiolo from the Ghemme DOC, northern Piedmont.

2009 Tercero Grenache Mourvedre Rose

Domestic: Bedrock, Ode to Lulu

Otherwise it’s a close call between Tempier and Terrebrune.

Stutter Home makes an excellent Zinfandel Rose

I understand what you’re getting at but I remember a Dr. Wolf Pfalz PN Rose that was delicious without food - interesting points nonetheless.

The best I’ve had are:

Domaine Tempier (Bandol)
Dehlinger Pinot Noir Rose (RRV)
County Line Pinot Noir Rose (Mendocino)
Chateau Musar (Bekaa Valley)
Curran Grenache Rose (Santa Ynez)

In no particular order. They’re such different styles, it’s hard to compare against each other.

Navarro was my runaway favorite in a tasting that included Dom. Tempier, Tablas Creek, and several other strong wines this year. The lightish peach/pink color alone set it apart, but it was a winner in all respects.

My favorites last year were;
Goldeneye Vin Gris of Pinot Noir
Preston Vin Gris
Pierre Usseglio Palette d’Aromes Panorama