Best regions in 2021

The Piedmont 2016 releases were a big deal in 2020, more so than anywhere else I can think of - what regions are you looking forward to picking up in 2021?


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It sounds like Willamette has another good year coming, but I can’t really tell what the pre-release chatter means. A lot of talk of a vintage that’s more true to Oregon than the recent vintages.

I read good things about Rhone 2019, is a powerful, ripe vintage (hopefully not too ripe :wink:) showcasing a step-up in quality from 2018 with areas of localised greatness in both the north and south.

Hope to spend some time around the Ventoux end of summer to pick some up!

My experience with 2019 CdR has been very positive indeed. Rioja, too from a very limited sample.

William’s recent 2019 Burgundy vintage report was a good read and is encouraging, especially for reds. And also discouraging from the budgetary perspective.

2019 red Burgundies and German wines

definitely looking forward to 2016 Italian wines (Brunello and Piedmont), 2019 Oregon, and 2019 Burgundy. but I look forward to every release of each of those for the most part. lol

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2016 PdB Riservas! Between those and 2016 Brunellos I think that will be about 80% of my 2021 spending.

Im looking forward to 2019 Burg.
In 2022, 2020 burg. Read the 2020 burg is even better than 2019.

2020 and continuing to add some late arriving 2019s from Germany.

some of the early pricing ive seen on those makes me a little nervous. produttori riservas are normally one of my easy trigger pulls but partially that has to do with being able to get world class wines for less than $70.

How would a vintage in Oregon, with the weather that happened in Oregon that year, ever not be “true” to Oregon?

I dont know, and that’s part of why I’m confused. I think the word I’ve seen used more is “classic” Oregon vintage.


Can you try and explain the style of the
2019 CDRs you tasted? Are they very ripe? How is the alcohol and acidity? :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah… Its tough because on 1 hand, I think we all know PdB has earned the opportunity to get better margins than they are getting, but on the other hand I don’t want to pay what it is really worth lol. I buy so much of their wine because they are a steal, a price increase like I have heard rumors of, will certainly change that.

The only early pricing I’ve seen is from Morrell and a lot of their pricing looks ridiculous relative to other retailers from what I’m seeing.

Classic makes more sense, though it values one type of vintage over another type.

Are there any particular examples to keep an eye on? Even living in Germany I noticed that some popular 2019 rieslings disappeared very fast from the vendors. Also wondering if 2019 was as successful for red grapes in Germany. Some of the smaller spätburgunder producers seem to be nearly impossible to find if you’re a second too late.