Best North American sparklers?

I think I’ve got a good line on the best French champagnes with all the great posts on this board and reviews in the marketplace. But what about North American sparklers? What are some of the best in your opinion? With the understanding, of course, that they’re very different from Champagne and may not come close to le meilleur de la France.


Best I’ve had is Schramsberg.

I like the Roederer Estate L’Ermitage.

I’ve always liked this one. Also a fan of “Under the Wire.” Kevin Harvey (Rhys) will be releasing a sparkler soon, or so I’m told.

Rhys sparkling? I’m intrigued.

Had plenty of Schrams, which we like. Also Ultramarine. Haven’t tried the Roederer, but heard good things.

Agree with Schramsberg. In particular, I recently had the 2008 J. Schram Rosé which was pretty spectacular. They also just released a 2000 J. Schram Late Disgorged that I am looking forward to trying.

Also this is my first post newhere

Welcome aboard. Big fan of J. Schram (just not the price ).

Ultramarine, then the Roederer Estate L’Ermitage

Had a bottle of the Late Disgorged 2001 Reserve - was pretty unbelievable. Not cheap though. Their wine club is actually a pretty decent deal if you like their wines. Free shipping and a pretty significant discount.

Yes, it is true. We have been collaborating with Rodolphe Peters (of Pierre Peters) on a Rhys estate sparkling program and plan to offer our first sparkler next summer. It has been a lot of fun!

Yeah I am a member which does help with the price. I think the 2000 J Scram was about $150 for members.


Ultramarine and Under the Wire and Dirty and Rowdy Pet Nat for me.

Kevin, that is exciting. Look forward to trying these.


+1 I’m finding it very hard to leave my case of 2009 alone… which is why I’m down to 9 already

Roederer Estate L’Ermitage as well. J. Schram is very nice, but not a great QPR.

I am fond of ultramarine and flaunt.

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I agree with all the above, Under the Wire really surprised me! I bought it on a lark and was knocked out, so grateful for that fateful day! Schramsberg has gotten even better in my time in the hobby. (I mean that as continued achievement, not that it was ever crap then got good.) Roderer is dependably great.

I am prone to like the Domaine Carneros selections, as well. The setting may have an effect, I admit.

Argyle blanc de blanc is worthy.

Again, it might be the setting, but drinking J in the Bubble Room makes me appreciate their line.

There are some good “one offs,” as well…I enjoy Williams Selyem when they make it.

Schramsberg (club member) and Under the Wire here

Another vote for Schramsberg J Schram.