Best London Wine List restaurants?

I’m going to be in London solo on business from April 19 - April 23 and would be interested in finding some good wine lists - all suggestions welcome!


28-50 (collectors list)
Andrew Edmunds

I’m flexible on the budget provided we stay in mere mortal territory…don’t want to mortgage my house for a bottle…

Thanks! There seem to be 3 locations for 28-50. Any difference?

I’ve only been to one, I don’t think differences are huge so go for the closest. Lists may differ, worth calling ahead if there’s something you spot online.

Some of the wines they sell are on consignment, so those presumably will be offered at only one location.

If you want a very good, bistro-style meal in a small, low-key environment with good short list of AFWE wines, Terroirs near Charing Cross Station should be on your list. No trophy wines here. Just lots of good, off-beat, high acid wines – natural yeasts, low sulfur, yada, yada. Not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, though.

Would also recommend Angelus -

Chez Bruce: (not just for the wine list of course). Being that you are solo for those days, I also highly recommend Hedonism ( as you can peruse the collection while sipping small portions from their amazing BTG line-up.


If you like Loire wines, then RSJ:

La Trompette in chiswick is easy to reach on the tube and has outstanding food and an excellent wine list with some real bargains eg 99 roulot perrieres for £120 last year! Also, Medlar on the kings road and Cheyne walk brasserie have some excellent wine.

Gavroche used to have a good list. Don’t know if it still does.