Best foil cutter?

I hate my foil cutter. It came with a gift my wife and I got for our wedding, it was basically a Rabbit knockoff package with a foil cutter and stopper included. I find that it sometimes cuts the foil with minimal difficulty (40%), but sometimes it doesn’t cut it at all despite 1-2 attempts (40%), or worse it partially cuts it and I need to perform micro surgery to finish the job (20%).

Not a major issue, but irritating nonetheless.

Does anyone love their foil cutter so much that they are eager and proud to vouch for it?


Don’t use a foil cutter! I now just take the entire foil off every bottle, much easier.

Grab tightly on foil, pull up while twisting, twist in corkscrew, pull out.

For wax, use your teeth.


And I hate wax-dipped bottles.

I honestly don’t know why people dislike wax so much. Doesn’t bother me at all. Just insert your corkscrew as you normally would right through the wax and extract.

Done and done.

Unless it’s that epoxy they use in France and Italy. Makes jawbreakers jealous.

yep. I just rip from the bottom and take the whole foil off.

That’s just so inelegant.


I use one that came as a set with one of those electric opener/vacuum things. The foil cutter is the best part of the whole deal. It has 6 cutting wheels, I looked on Amazon and only saw ones with 4 wheels, but they probably cut as cleanly. I like the look of a bottle with the foil around the neck.

I vote for Screwpull (Le Creuset).

Phil Jones

These by far for us! But at 100 bottles a month they need replacing every couple months.

At home we just twist off or cut/rip/tear them off.

Old fashioned razor blade works fine and has a SHARP cutting edge.

I bought this OXO a few months ago and at $15 it has been my best wine opener to date. Foil cutter works extremely well (I too take all of the foil off) and it has a double lever corkscrew so I never have trouble with the cork breaking off. Also has an integrated bottle opener for the non-disciples.

That’s what I’ve been using as well, although I’ve found them to live longer than ~200 bottles (and much longer than 2 months in my case).

I use a 4 inch folding Gerber. I know it may seem like overkill. But it fits my hand and the geometry of the way I hold a bottle and I have greater control. Serrated knives on openers are pretty useless for me as they are not designed for left handed. Because of the volume of wines I open, I use a Rabbit for cork removal. Another habit of mine is to cut below the collar instead of above.

Saber everything. Problem solved haha

Screw pull waiters friend right through foil. Pull.

Unless guests are over then i cut the foil.

Most foil comes off with a twist. Those that don’t, use whatever knife is handy. Many of the wines I drink don’t have foil anyway.

Oh! You said foil cutter.