Best Enoteca in Firenze

I will be in Florence / Firenze in September. Looking for the best enoteca that can provide guidance in putting together a mixed case of Brunello to ship back to the states.

I won’t claim to know the best, but see Tony Sasa at

He’s a cool dude and knows wine.

Thank you. Also happens to be close to where we will be staying.

I’d say Enoteca Pitti Gola or their new wine bar Enoteca de Giusti (click on social links since page is temp):

They can ship and have a great selection of more obscure wines in addition to the usual suspects. True wine lovers with a deep knowledge of Tuscan wines but also a passion for Piedmont wines which was a bonus for me.

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Enotecha Pitti Gola best enotecha.

Best wine shop may be a different answer, don’t know.

Definitely best for aged Chianti.