Best corkscrew?

Need a new corkscrew. Preferably a waiter’s friend. No Durand as I don’t drink really old wines. Any recommended brands? Particularly interested in one where the foil blade will stay sharp. TIA.

Looking for one also as the “rabbit done died”. I’m not very handy with waiters type so I have been using an Ahso puller. Not trying to impress people, just want to easily get the cork out whole.

For ease I’d suggest a rabbit, as there is no great technique to using one, and for younger wines it’s a pretty reliable tool.

If going waiter’s friend, consider a double lever (one that has a smaller prong which you use to get the first 1/4 of the cork out, then the normal prong to lever the remainder)

However whatever you are comfortable with is ideal, and there are some different designs out there.

I use only the Monopole Ah-So in stainless steel. Learned on it, and can’t work a waiter’s friend for the life of me. When I have a synthetic cork, I use one of those screw-in, arms down pull type. Don’t like it, but it works for certain synthetics/composites.

My impression is once people use the real Ah-So (not the cheap plastic ones), and stick with it to master it, they rarely go back. Elegant and may I say “sexy?”

Waiters friend with a double lever for me as an everyday corkscrew. Durrant for old bottles.

Was never a fan of the waiters friend until I tried the double lever style, now I’m hooked … [cheers.gif]

Another vote for the Ah-So in Stainless Steel. That is the one we use the most.


Double lever for me. EZPZ [cheers.gif]

The one I use most frequently is a Metrokane Rabbit Zippity 2 Step (hey, I didn’t name it). You can use it with an Ah-So as a makeshift Durant. I also like the Monopol brand Ah So.


Pulltex is a good brand for the double lever style which I also really like now, 10 bucks at Sur la table, well made,

For a waiters friend style I highly recommend those by coutale. Recommended one bob a long way back, I haven’t found anything better and the cheapest model is about $10. I personally prefer the wood models but they’re still $30 or less.

Second on the ah-so cork puller. I bought a cheaper version called GoldSpatz “oh-ha”

Works great on new and old corks.

I use this Le Creuset at home, pretty much flawless, and very easy to use. Used to be called the Screwpull before Le Creuset bought them.

For the collector, Laguiole. Pick your handle material.

double-hinged waiter’s type for me. Use it all the time, and great QPR

Second this, I got a Jaboulet branded one, the teflon coated worm makes it really smooth to work with and the double hinge makes new/tighter corks easy to get out.

I really like the double hinged CS that comes with Liquid Farm shipments.

I love it, as well. Perfect tool.

Yup, I use a double-hinged Pulltaps just like the one Peter linked to (might be exactly the same). Works great. I have a Rabbit (maybe more than one) and an ah-so, but I rarely use either.