Best cherry ever...Rainier Cherries

Dad just arrived with 2 pounds of Rainier Cherries from Costco.

I’ve never had them before -

$2.50 a pound.

I’ve never eaten a cherry that was this good. Perfectly balanced in terms of sweetness and flesh and a hint of bitter…

My word. You guys in the NW eat well.

Freak, been getting these for years at Costco…and I agree.

Kids love 'em too.

This year must have been a bumper crop…I’ve scored some for $1.99lb. They are wonderful.

I’m finding the regular dark cherries this year to be quite terrific as well.

No, they’re far from the best cherries around, although they are the best on the mass market. 2009 has been a bumper crop and I suspect that there have been other factors in play (e.g., some foreign markets – Japan – maybe taking less because of economic conditions?). Anyway, I was contemplating today what it means for inflation – price is 1/2-1/3 of what its been in recent years, but I consume 4-10 times as much.

Love 'em. We have been through bags and bags of these.

Same here. This year’s bings are so black and perfectly flavored. Must pick up some more tomorrow… and a big bag of Rainiers.

Not only is this year’s crop plentiful, the cherries themselves are huge. I saw some the other day that were damn near as big as apricots.

I love the Raniers but love the Bings more. I think they just have more flavor.

Apricots!!! Dayum - got to get me some…

My favorites are sour cherries, but it’s next to impossible to find them here in San Diego.

Cherries were in huge supply this year, so prices plummetted. When I was in Seattle a few years ago, I ate about 1 lb of Rainier cherries per day. They are the best! But still like $4-6 per lb here. I am not worth it. I stick with the regular reds for $2.50/lb.

Korean supermarket here has it for $1.50 per bag (1-1.5 lbs). These are some super sweet cherries! Not as juicy as other cherries but probably the sweetest I’ve had.

I still think watermelon is the best fruit ever though

Well, growing up in Michigan, we always had good cherries. And apples. They have the best sour red cherries around, that are good for eating as well as great for cooking.

Last few years in NY I’ve kind of ignored them but as I’m out on the west coast right now, I’m going to see about these Rainier cherries. A bit skeptical tho . . .

Chris - thanks for putting in the Rainier tag line in the title.
I was almost afraid to open this one.