Best Champagne Values

This is sort of inspired by the Burg sleeper thread, what are your favorite champagne values? (I’m guessing mostly grower)

A few from me:

Bonville vintage or NV
Roederer Brut
Aubry de Humbert


Moutard got opened pretty consistently at my last job and I liked it quite a bit. I have no idea of production size but it had good fruit, weight and kept my interest more than some growers that I thought I liked (that we sometimes opened at the same time as Moutard).

Many, but here are a few that come to mind:

NV Lilbert Blanc de Blancs
NV Camille Saves Rose
NV Pol Roger Brut Reserve

I guess it depends on what you mean by “value.” I think J. Lassalle Champanges are a great QPR even though they are not all cheap. On the other hand, Veuve Fourny is both affordable and a solid QPR.

Just champagne or all sparkling? Wasn’t sure if the Roederer you mentioned is the Cali sparkling.

Marc Hebrart must be up their as their solid cuvées can be had for ridiculously low prices
Pierre Gimonnet

Champagne, I meant roederer Brut premier nv

Which lassalle do you like? I liked the 2007 special club.

I’ve found the bonville nv grand Cru to be hard to beat at 35 especially bc k&l stocks it; I guess availability is a big issue for some of the growers.

I agree with the Moutard and Gimonnet nominations.

another vote for Moutard here – it’s hard to find champagne for $30, much less good champagne!

I’ll have to grab one when I’m at winex next.

Deutz, across the range.

K&L is in my backyard; have you had, and recommend the Franck Bonville Brut Rosé Champagne, as well?

R&L legras, blanc de blanc, grand cru around 30 bucks. Easy to find online or at Sotheby’s in here in NYC.

Digging the Moutard rose at the moment. Perfect warm weather wine. Not a lifetime memory, but a pleasure to drink

Yes it’s great!

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Chartogne Taillet St. Anne
Aubry (but I’ve found some variation there)
Agrapart - not as cheap as it used to be, but still great value.