Best Breakfast Place By LAX - Help

Need something that is open Saturdays.


The original Dinah’s on Sepulveda is close, Pann’s on La Tijera Blvd

Local Yolk in N. Manhattan Beach or Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in downtown MB. About 10-15 minutes south of LAX; $20 cab ride including tip. Warning…both will have a wait for a table on Saturday morning anytime after about 8 am…but worth it! If you can’t afford the time to wait, try The Kettle, also in MB.

Thanks. I should say I will probably need to stay more to the north. Time will be very tight so probably won’t head to MB. I am meeting someone who is coming down from Lancaster to catch a plane.


Oh I forgot how close Panns is. Hmmm… chicken and waffles.


Pann’s isn’t a whole lot closer than Manhattan.


Have you been to Dinah’s? I live about 1 minute away from there, but have never gone … I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t “look right” to me. Of course, each month I don’t check it out only makes my curiosity about it grow.

Yes, many years ago when I briefly lived with my Aunt after just moving out to LA for grad school (USC), she took me there. I had chocolate chip pancakes or something equally decadent.

Pann’s is pretty good, and it will be much easier to access the airport from there then MB…I do like the Kettle though (but I’ve never been there before 11pm)

Sounds like you enjoyed it, huh?

I eat semi-regularly at the Dinah’s in Glendale–great for fried chicken. As a kid growing up in Culver City, we ate often at Dinah’s in Westchester, but haven’t been in over 20 years. Not sure if that helps.

That helps, thank you. [thankyou.gif] I guess I’ll give their chicken a try sometime.