Best Bourgogne Rouge

I am interested in what people here think is the best bourgogne rouge out there. Don’t consider price or availability. Only which BR you prefer to drink above all others.


Welcome to the board, Jo.

I like Barthod’s a lot. You will find a lot of opinions from those on the board here:




But I almost never drink Bourgognr Rouge as I don’t find a ton of value in the level. I drink more Savigny Les Beaune 1ers and Beaunes etc when I want a relative QPR red Burgundy.

All above are good. I also really like Meo Camuzet,

Barthod Bon Batons
Mugneret Gibourg

*In no specific order of course…

Patrice Rion Bons Batons

Domaine des Croix
But then there’s nevery any actual bourgogne in it, it’s all savigny and beaune, sometimes a bit of 1er too!

Excellent. Lots of producers to try. I have found several bourgogne blancs I like in good years like Leflaive, Boillot and Le Moine. I haven’t found many BR’s which give the same amount of pleasure as they seem to fall into one of two categories. Either overly oaked or else too thin and watery.


Ps love your book “The Finest wines of Burgundy” Bill

Roty Bourgogne Cuvée Pressonnier

I would second this, and add the Grand Ordinaire too. I like the way it ages.

+1 for Nick’s pick on Meo. I age mine at least 10 years.

Bachelet I would add to the mix, although the value seems to be lost on it now that the price is so high.

If you can find it, Fourrier’s Bourgogne Rouge is stunning. 2012 was the first year.

I’ve been impressed by Cecile Tremblay’s Bourgogne rouge. Ages nicely, too.

Hubert Lignier is “go to” for me. Drinks more like village Burgundy. Refined and elegant with no hard edges. Can be had for around $30. Also like Robert Chevillon but the price has crept up.

A sturdy Bourgogne that can age with Da Big Boys…
Have a few cases in my cave.


Has anyone had the roty 2011? I saw a great price, but that can be a tricky vintage.

Me too - And the Cote de Chalonnaise - I find even the best Bourgogne Rouge to be light and very one dimensional. Probably the last good Bourgogne Rouges I’ve had were Claude Dugat’s '09 and '10 - but they were also selling for the same price as some very good wines from the Cotes de Beaune -

Tom, the two Dugats are loved by the Wine Specatator and tend to be significantly overpriced plus they are very modern, for my taste. I’d take a look at the Bourgogne from Hubert Lignier that depth a lot of depth for the buck and no hard edges.

Jo, with no aim to be difficult, I would be surprised if the former is the case. While Bourgogne can be a little chunky or foursquare and not as fine and nuanced as the wines up the hierarchy, I don’t believe that many see much oak that would leave its mark. As to the latter, my favorite Bourgogne are those that some might describe this way (Lafarge, G. Mugneret, Guillemot, Van Canneyt’s new Bourgogne and maybe even Barthod), although I would describe them a lean and willowy. It seems that your palate runs more towards the likes of Bachelet, Roty, Chevillon which have a little heft to them.

I really like Chevillon 1cru’s so this might be spot on. As for oakiness I like Lucien Le Moine bourgogne blanc so I have purchased some of their BR - at least the 12 seems like it has some oak not integrated well yet.

As to Dugat I just had his Gevrey village 2011 and I thought that was a very well made village wine. Should look for their BR. But it’s not a bargain