Best books on Burgundy

Thanks for the suggestion. Ordered a copy from Amazon.

I thought they did this as a placeholder until the book is back in stock/print, to save removing it and recreating it all over again they just put a silly price on it.

I think it’s someone hoping a cash in on a university or big business that needs it and is willing to pay whatever.

Institutions buy when books when they’re first published. They don’t wait till it’s out of print. I think the Amazon sellers are looking for buyers like us – people who want a unique, best-of-category work that’s out of print. It’s the same economic principle behind the $1,500 Toro, of which there are only 60 barrels. Very limited supply.


Are you talking about a book about Burgundy, in which case I think Jasper!s book is one of the best, or a book specifically about the Lieux-dits of Burgundy, in which case you could look into The Climats and Lieux-dits of the Great Vineyards of Burgundy by Sylvain Pitiot

That is just insane. I thought actual prices of the wine were going out of sight. now even the books about Burgundy are getting hyperinflated? You could get a first edition of a classic signed by the author for not much more than that!

$75 from Sotheby’s

+1 on Pitiot English translation.
Don’t have the Morris book though.

I did this to get the Jasper Morris book at a reasonable price. Great book. Great for figuring out whether Jean X is related to Jean Marc X or Jean Paul X or . . . . [cheers.gif]

If you buy my book, I’ll be happy to autograph a copy in exchange for 50% of the increase in value ascribed to the autograph.

Very often, I can find what I want at a price 20 to 30% lower than Amazon given their marketing strategy (exploiting their dominant position) but 30 times the price???.. this is cheeky! But anyway, I got it at a small discount on the list price (50€). Inside Burgundy is a super and competent book.

I quite liked the Bill Nanson book “The Finest Wines of Burgundy.” In addition to a very good overview of Burgundy, the text covers the 100 finest wines, the Domaines they come from and the ownership and wine making teams. A nice portrait of the best producers and the best wines they produce with parcel information and production volume for each of the best wines. It may be a bit dated (2012 publication) but a very nice read. Bill sometimes posts here so he may be open to answering questions and providing further detail.

Indeed, Bill’s book is also quite good. Just lacks a few great producers especially in Nuits and Vosne but very good indeed including his list of great wines.

Strongly recommend waiting for the forthcoming second edition. It should be out pretty soon.

Hi everyone,

Jasper’s book on BURGUNDY is great. Pity he does not rank the domaines. He is not that comprehensive as say COATES was in his days. Too many domaines are left “under discussed”. Still I am eagerly awaiting his updated version due for early 2021. I also hope REMINGTON NORMAN gives us a new edition of his excellent Great Domaines of Burgundy. I still do not grasp the point of Alan Meadow’s latest effort. What is the use of discussing vintages that old. I did not buy the book. His PEARL OF THE COTE was lots better but overemphasising on DRC. Do we truly believe that LA TACHE abd ROMANEE-CONTI left aside their RICHEBOURG, RSV, GRANDS ECHEZEAUX and ECHEZEAUX are the best on the market??? Don’t think so.Still I hope Alan writes a new tome on the region. The best CHAMBERTINS ???


FWIW, Jasper’s book remains the best. Clive Coates was good, but very limited to those domaines he tasted and , presumably, he favored. He did write some nice vignettes of those domaines in his Burgundy book. But, for me, tasting notes, which formed the basis of all of Clive’s books, is not valuable…for one thing, they get easily dated and regimes change at domaines. For the other thing…it’s a matter of “who do you trust”.
I used to trust Burghound’s pallet and integrity…and then came his involvement with the marketing and selling of RUDY K.

I’ll look forward to early 2021 and Jasper’s update. Thanks for the heads up.

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If you had purchased and read the book, you would have grasped the point. It is a socioeconomic history of Burgundy, relating the region’s history with the wines it produced. And it’s the most interesting book on Burgundy published in the last twenty years. What’s more, it has certainly contributed much more to the literature on Burgundy than a book on “the best Chambertins” would.

Given Remington Norman’s age, I think you may be waiting some time for an updated edition.

Jasper Morris!

Get to work!! Your fans need you.


I like Jasper Morris’ book.

Also, two interesting Burgundy books are quite old.