Best $2.50 French wine (or any wine)

I have kept this secret from Robert Alfert because he would never believe it!

Yes, return of the ridiculous ABC wine and spirits french bordeaux clearance sale

2010 Alliance de Sichel from Maison Sichel

This is one of those wines that is not even worthy enough to bin next to the cru bourgeios…a lowly bordeaux that is left to stand str8 up on its own like some kind of Scarlett letter…when I purchased a large wine fridge for the house the Mrs said to ditch the old one, that I could not have 2. These were her words up until I filled the old unit with 3 cases of the Alliance :slight_smile: I told the Mrs. these r yours, do with them what u will…oh, and she did…shamelessly consuming them on a daily basis with great delight…Abc wines will clearance when faced with slow sales/damage-poor storage/ overstock…etc…Well, I will tell u this… (this is me speaking to the bottle…ah ah achem) u…u…your good…really good

Yes another wine with moderate bottle variation which may have sparked the sale, but the good bottles…just rock

The nose…earthy bing cherry and graphite
Palate: mimics the nose…lead pencil, dry dirt, hint of cabbage, fresh tart crisp cherries, lingering finish.

Fuq this is killing
…kinda pinching myself