Bertoli capitalizes on the Barilla scandal

Pasta wars over same sex marriage, who’d have thunk it?

That photo is hate speech, pure and simple. Bertoli is murdering those innocent same-sex pastas in a bowl of delicious, piping-hot tomato sauce. They’ve even made them walk the plank!

I bought a jar of Barilla sauce today. My boys like it and couldn’t care about one’s sexual orientation. Jeez!

I’ll never be able to look at Farfalle the same way again.

I wonder how many people will get confused and think they’re supposed to be boycotting Bertolli instead of Barilla?


LOL, if I wasn’t a dedicated Setaro fan I’d run out and buy some Bertoli now. Nice to see someone there has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

I’m not sure that everyone knows that Barilla is a USA product.

i’m pretty sure no one knows that since Barilla is an Italian company. :wink:

And my wife scoffs when I get all my news from a wine board – hah! Little Miss NPR hadn’t even heard about the Barilla scandal.

When will we learn what Guido Barilla thinks about Amanda Knox?

Yes, Barilla is an Italian company. Look at a package of Barilla pasta and you will not see Made In Italy because Barilla US is made in Iowa.

I had the same thought, but it’s easy for me, since I had a preference for Barilla’s sauce. Now I make it a point to support Bertolli for pasta. Sauce I pretty much make my own now anyway.

Not to mention Penne.

Picked up a bag of these last time we were in Italy

Nope, my packages barely have English on them (mostly Italian I think)… probably b/c friends who go to Italy often bring me back packages of the Bucatini pasta. :wink:

You guys are buying sauce and pasta? I’m a little disappointed.

I’ve actually never had the Rao’s, but how good can it be?

Man. The world got just a little bit more pathetic.

Seemed $$ so I skipped it an just made my own…

Sauce, no, but honestly I’ve never succeeded in making good homemade pasta.