Berserkers 'Social' Video Meets - Schedule/Info inside

We’ve already had three video group chats, and the consensus is that we need to have more, and more people want to participate!

I’d like this thread to serve as a running discussion on scheduling, so I know when to set these up. I may or may not be on all of them, but I can set them up, step away, and let the community go at it, as I can make someone else on the conference the host.

Monday (today) has been thrown around - is that something quite a few are interested in?

I can’t do Wednesday this week as it is my birthday, and I’ll be with family the whole night, so if you want Wednesday, I can set it up, assign a new host, and walk away.

TIME: We have a myriad of time zones here, of course, and we’ve done most of these early, at 5 or 5:30 or thereabouts, to get the West Coasters in early, and the East Coasters before they go to bed. That leaves out the West Coasters who don’t want to start drinking alcohol so early, or have to make dinner, so we can easily do two events, one at 5:30-ish and one at 8:30-ish, and therefore we can do them on two separate dates, i.e. today at 5:30, Tuesday or Thursday at 8:30, etc.

I can do an unlimited number of these, so if there is interest, just let me know date/time requested and I’ll set it up - how’s that?

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Set one up every day at 7-9PM Eastern and 7-9 PM pacific, and just let people show up when they can.
Set it up so anyone can launch/start/host the meeting (assuming zoom allows that, I know Teams does)
Will take any stress out of the decision process

Yes, Zoom allows for a regular meeting time, automatically scheduled, however it’s tough to do such a broad span of time because if one person signs on, waits a few minutes, nobody shows up, that person leaves, and perhaps misses the others who are on.

Guess I can just schedule one at 5:30 and one at 8:30 every day, just don’t want overkill on it, thus reducing the number of participants.

So, let’s divide it up a bit, maybe Monday at 5:30, Wednesday at 8:30, Friday at 5:30 and 8:30? Do we need more?

I’ve really enjoyed talking to people and welcome more sessions.

I’ll do today at 5:30 PDT/8:30 EDT, Wednesday at 8:30 PDT/11:30 EDT (unlikely we’ll have many from the East Coast on that one!), and Friday BOTH times - we can easily add more if the demand is that high :slight_smile:

Here’s today’s, and I’ll make a separate thread on it:

scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Wine Berserkers Video Social Meet/Tasting #4
Time: Mar 23, 2020 05:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 588 062 208

I’m up for multiple Zoom meetups, especially this week while working from home. Excited!

Happy birthday Todd!

No Tuesday, Oh no…

I can do Tuesday - I can do every day if there is interest! Just trying to be sure we don’t overdo it, I guess!

Todd – I’ve been trying to PM you about this but can’t get the messages out of my Outbox. Please shoot me a note if/when you have a moment…

Do a search for the term ‘outbox’ and you’ll have your answer neener

Nice! Hoping to hop on tonight (Wednesday) at 8:30 PM PST [cheers.gif]
Happy Birthday Todd!

Wednesday is tomorrow, Erin [cheers.gif]

#EarlyStart [cheers.gif]

Saturday we have a wonderful special guest -

JFC, hahah! Face palm… Um, see ya tonight then! [drinkers.gif]

Happy Birthday Todd [cheers.gif]
Unfortunately tonight’s session is after Kyser’s bedtime.

This schedule is becoming crazy!

We don’t yet have one confirmed for tonight, though I can create one if there is demand, just let me know.

We have three tentatively scheduled for Friday: Kutch virtual tasting at 5pm PDT, regular Berserkers social at 5:30pm PDT, and Berserkers Social for the Left Coasters and those who stay up late at 8:30pm PDT, THEN we have the live video chat with Marc Hochar of Chateau Musar at 3pm PDT on Saturday!!

Anyone up for one tonight, let me know, so I can set it up!

Count me in.

Ok, if we’re gonna do this, let’s do it tonight.

It’s my birthday, so I’m doing a combo of takeout from a local favorite restaurant (that I hope survives this) and making a killer Flannery steak (well, two, one CA ribeye for me, one NY strip for my son) for myself, as once you’ve had Flannery, very few steakhouses can make a steak that impresses as much.

I’ve chosen a 2000 Château Léoville Poyferré to open, so let’s make the theme 2000 Bordeaux tonight!

Now…should we do 5:30 or 8:30 Pacific? So far only one person has requested the later time (Charlie Fu) so perhaps stick with 5:30 since we can do a late one on Friday, when it is easier?